Thursday, April 9, 2015

#dredays2015: Week 14

Week 14

Day 92: A fun day decorating Easter eggs and cookies with this little cutie! 
Day 93: Day trip to see the McGuires to celebrate them moving to Lake Oconee. It was a day full of fun! And yes, Reynolds is naked. He fell asleep after the pool and we couldn't wake him...we brought an outfit for when he woke up, but then we lost it. Oh. And we went to dinner like this. 
Day 94: Easter egg huntin' besties! 
Day 95: Happy Easter! He is Risen! 
Day 96: Spinning makes waiting at the doctor much better. 
I took Teagan to the doctor after a few weeks of continuous accidents. Wanted to make sure she didn't have a kidney infection, etc that would be causing them. She checked out perfectly. So I think she's just testing those limits. She had been potty trained for almost 6 months. For now, we're back in pull-ups until she decides she's ready again. Because let's be honest, I just can't wash that car seat cover every day like I was. And you know what, it's okay with me if she needs to be a baby for a bit longer. We'll get back there soon enough.  
Day 97: Big girl at the dentist! And this little princess chose a Thomas sticker and a Jake toothbrush. What?!?! This is her third time at the dentist. The first time was just an exam, the second time was a cleaning (with a toothbrush), and this time she got the real deal cleaning. She did amazing! 
Day 98: I think we can officially say that this guy is crawling. He was {I thought} quietly playing with that basket of toys when he came around the corner to help me with the coffee. Happy 7 months!! {hopefully his 7 month post will be coming soon!}

Happy almost weekend! 

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