Wednesday, April 1, 2015

#dredays2015 -- Weeks 10-13

Oh wow, I thought I was making it easy on myself to do these weekly posts but somehow I got four weeks behind. For some reason {wait, I think I can name two reasons ;)} I have been so tired lately so my normal "me time" --when naps overlap-- has been spent trying to get a little shut eye myself. I'm thinking one of my dredays pics needs to be a cute little 2 1/2 year old walking in to our room in the middle of the night...or me going in to my almost 7 month old's room because he decided he didn't like sleeping through the night anymore either. {insert naps and lots of coffee} So before I start snoozing during this nap time, here's a look at the last four weeks!

Week 10

Day 64: First purchase! Spending the $5 that Granny sent her for Valentine's Day. She told me she would spend Reynolds' money for him at the next store. ;)
Day 65: Lots of mountain fun being had! 
Day 66: That time we woke up at 2:30 am and couldn't find Teagan. Searched the mountain house and found her in bed {upstairs!!!} with Nana. Our hearts stopped for a few minutes and the only way we got any sleep was having her next to us. And then everyone was up again before 6am. 
Day 67: Happy half birthday to our little man! 
Day 68: Extra snuggles for this little bug tonight. 
Day 69: Enjoying this warm day with lots of outside time. Even showing some leg on our walk. ;)
Day 70: Open gym play date this morning and then an Easter cookie play date this afternoon- a fun day! Lovin this life. 

Week 11

Day 71: A fun and thankfully uneventful {no one stole anything or cried too loud} shopping trip with Hea. {Last time we were at the mall together T thought she put a pretty shirt in a "buggy" that was really our stroller and left the store with us. Luckily I spotted it before we left the mall and we were able to return it. Then we had to discuss shoplifting. ;)}
Day 72: family date night and learning about fortune cookies
Day 73: In Columbia for the weekend. Grandparents watched the kids while we got to go on a birthday celebration date night with my favorite guy at TakoSushi! 
helping Pappy fix the door. 
and into Mammy's lipgloss
Day 74: Saying goodbye to Patrick's childhood home. 
Day 75: Celebrating the big 3-0 with my very favorites! The traditional Waffle House breakfast {and birthday gifts wrapped in newspaper} followed by a family date with dinner outside followed by ice cream. 
Day 76: Perfect weather and outdoor eating made this Taco Tuesday even better! 
Day 77: Family night at the club with Gigi and Papa G. Also the first time we think T has ever said, "I'm full." Girl can eat. 

Week 12

Day 78: Went to a huge consignment sale tonight {alone!! while P was on kid duty} and spotted this in Reynolds' size. Wish I was mature enough to buy it for Patrick's sake. 
{That's a lie. My blood will forever run orange --so do my kids!}
Day 79: He thinks she is the best, and she doesn't mind the extra audience for her shenanigans. Goodness, I love watching these two interact. 
Day 80: First night leaving the kids with "real" (meaning not an adult) babysitters for a night of dancing and celebrating the Thirkells. We had a great time! 
Day 81: Someone decided he's all done with the baby bath seat and wants to sit up like his big sister in the tub. He couldn't stop splashing and smiling--and we figured it was safer than him diving out of the seat like he was trying to do. Time for all hands on deck! 
Day 82: Big boy status! He loved it...and so did she despite the no smile. 
And later the "toddler walk of shame." {That clearly she wasn't actually ashamed of.} Teagan did great in the beginning with potty training. We are now on about month 6 and she suddenly has been having "accidents" a lot lately-and several of them seem to happen in the car which means it gets washed...a lot. This is a tough little phase that we're going through. 
Day 83: sweet visitors! 
Day 84: belllllyyy!!!! Fun afternoon walk and playtime with friends! 

Week 13

Day 85: Welcome home message for her daddy! 
Day 86: Playdate with sweet Millie Belle and her mama. 
Day 87: We love tennis Saturdays. Once upon a time we actually watched the matches--these days it is a little harder. 
Day 88: What your basket looks like when you overslept for the neighborhood Easter egg hunt and a few sweet friends feel bad for you and share theirs. We'll try harder to be on time for the next hunt. 
That night, my dad and his sister came in to town. My aunt had an appointment at Emory the next morning. They got in town just in time to read a bedtime story. ;)
Day 89: Early morning storytime with Great Aunt Mary! 
Day 90: Patrick got to fly on a private jet for work. He said he could get used to this type of travel. Me...not so much! Happy he is home safe now! 
Day 91: Open gym followed by a picnic lunch with friends! 

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