Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Daddy-daughter date, birthday, and Valentine's Day!

The week of Patrick's birthday that led to Valentine's Day was a whirlwind of doctors visits and sick kids {and then a sick daddy}! But before everyone got sick, Patrick and Teagan got to go to Daddy Daughter Date Night at ChickfilA. Oh my goodness, as if you could love ChickfilA anymore-and then they do nights like this. Love.

My college roommates were over already for a sprinkle we had for Steph that morning.
Oh I just loved that they were there to help her get ready for her date night. They helped her pick out which dress to wear and which shoes matched...and ooohed and ahhhed over how pretty she looked-definitely one of this girl's love languages. 
And my little date for the night. 
I love these two together. Gooooodness they adore each other. 
Table cloths, a flower and crown for the girls, and a limo ride around the parking lot when they were done. 
Lovin' the dancing cow. 

Two days later, it was Patrick's birthday. I already posted about it in my dredays weekly post, but then I realized I had more pictures with the "real camera." 
As soon as Teagan heard the garage opening, she ran to greet her daddy with his present and card! 
Insert a whole lot of doctors visits and before we knew it, it was Valentine's Day. I actually spent the morning taking Reynolds to the doctor, then the ER. I already had the kids some goodies but had planned to do stuff for Patrick that week. That was before we spent every other day at the doctor. Literally--Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and then two on Saturday--and the days in between were pj days spent at home. Patrick and I decided that Valentine's could slide this year for ourselves and we just split the one thing he had time to get before he got sick too--a box of Trader Joe's Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Caramels. And if you know those chocolates, you know we still made it out good. If not, you need to get some.
As Patrick said, "Make sure you document our bad parenting." :) 
Teagan showed off the new additions to Patrick's Dad Book for Valentines. {Someone told me about a Dad Book a while ago and I finally started it when Reynolds was born. It is just a place to put all the cards and crafts that the kids make him instead of the individual ones getting lost or out of order....Can someone make me a Mom Book?!? hint. ;)}
This little guy....not so excited for Valentines. 

Goodness, I love these three so much my heart could explode. 


  1. Oh my word that pic of T and P with her holding the flowers and tilting her head!! And then the one of them in the car?! Sweet love. And I love that Dad book idea! I'm gonna need to look at this. And yes, we need a mom book too!!