Sunday, February 22, 2015

Happy 5 months!

Little man, you are 5 months old {well and 12 days by the time I'm even starting this after the week we had last week.} Ohhhh my goodness, do we love you! When you smile, you smile with your whole face and it just makes us so happy. Your little mouth gives this crooked grin and your nose and eyes crinkle just a bit.

However, most of the time you put those smiles away for the camera and just give the "I'm not impressed" look that you must have gotten from your sister when she was this age too.

Size: BIG! :) You were just over 18 pounds when they weighed you in the ER the other day--just a few days past turning 5 months (more about that in my dredays recap here or I'll post more about it in your 6 month post). You are wearing size 3 diapers. You are still able to wear a mix of clothes but anything that is a onesie and needs to fit your torso needs to be at least a size 9 month. We have some 12 month onesies that we use as undershirts and they are not a stitch too big for you.

Sleep: I'm too tired to remember the answer to this. :) You aren't the most consistent but on good days you'll sleep 11 hours at night. (7:30pm-6:30am) You went a stretch where this was pretty consistent and normal and then we would hit a few days with some night wakings. And then I think I'm still tired from 2 weeks ago when you and your sister were both sick and both waking up in the middle of the night to remember anything else.

We had gotten a few chuckles out of you last month, but this month your Nana got your first belly laugh. And you've given us some more good ones since then too.

We broke you of the swaddle on January 20th, so just a few days shy of being 4 1/2 months. We were trying to hold on to that swaddle, but we could tell you were going to be rolling over soon. So we went for it, and it.was.terrible. I mean I guess there are worse things that could have happened but oh my goodness. I was not a fan of hearing you cry and I can't imagine you were either.  I would set a timer and go in and give you your pacie, but since one of your favorite tricks is to flick your pacie out that wasn't much help. We got through it though! 
And just two days later, you rolled over from back to tummy for the first time. And on that day you just could not get enough of rolling onto your tummy. I'd put you on your back and within seconds you were on your tummy. You lost a little sleep that day because you kept trying it during your naps. Within a day or two you had become a tummy sleeper! 
Some naps you don't quite make it all the way to your belly, but you don't seem to mind. :) 
You aren't crawling yet, but you are still somehow getting around! At 4 1/2 months you also started rocking on all fours...but even before then you were somehow getting around. You move backwards, but you can scoot yourself around so it's hard to figure out which direction backwards will actually be.

On this night, your dad was brushing Teagan's teeth, I was finishing up some laundry, and you were doing tummy time in the middle of your floor. Your dad comes in the room and calls to me, "Dre! Why did you put Reynolds under the crib?!?!?" Ummmm. I didn't. But I also didn't think that you could move that quickly. I couldn't stop laughing that he actually thought I would put you under there. Silly dad. And for reference, you started where those pjs are on the floor. 
And because I'm a really good mom, I like to take pictures of you before I rescue you sometimes. Ha.
And besides rocking on all fours or scooting around, you also love to do a good plank. Like all the time. Honestly, from the time you were in my belly I knew you were a strong one. I never felt little flutters. The first time I felt you move around 18 weeks, it was full on kicks-and you continue to show us how strong you are. 
You can now sit on your own-although we put pillows beside you because you are still a little wobbly. Ha, and this is a terrible picture to try and prove that.
You no longer nap well on the go--occasionally you'll fall asleep but the naps are always shorter than if you are at home. A lot of the time you just end up staying awake though. 

Your favorite place is your jumpy seat. Oh my goodness, you are so happy in this thing!

And some other looks at the "I just want to pinch you" cuteness from the month...

Nana and Papa came in town for a day! 
...and so did the Beauforts! 
I took this picture to try to show how long your torso is! 
Teagan's half birthday! 
Airplane rides! 
Your 4 month and Teagan's 2 1/2 year check up! 
Mammy and Pappy came in town for an awards banquet and then we headed to Reynolds Plantation the next day. 
Then a few days later, Nana and Laudie came in town because your dad was leaving town for work. We really like it when they come and keep us company! 
Dance parties! 
Daddy is home! 
And then it was back to Reynolds Plantation the very next weekend. 
Ready for our family walk in your jogging suit! 
First time down the slide. :) 
We've started a tradition with these friends from church. Story time at the library every Monday. You really seem to like it, even if you look totally bored in this picture.  
I hope I always get good snuggles from you. They are my favorite. 
Waiting on Mommy to put in her contacts so we can go downstairs and start our day before big sis wakes up. 
I used to want our mornings to start sometime after 7am, but I finally caved and let you start them around 6am. Our typical morning these days started with coffee, sweats, a fire, and some time with Jesus. They start earlier than I'd prefer, but they are quiet and have become a favorite part of the day. Love these quiet, special times with you.  
Family trip to the park
Doing tummy time with your sweet girlfriend Emma! 
The "cry room" at church. Emma {left} was born the same day as you and Samuel {middle} was born 3 days before both of you. So fun to have all of you together! 
You love your little footsies. They haven't quite made it to your mouth yet. 
More play dates with your bestie. 
You've started to sit at the table with us during dinner. No food for you yet although you are becoming VERY interested and we may even start solids for you this week. {Ahhhh, little panicked about that.} In fact, you act like we are being so unfair to eat in front of you--guess it is time to get you started. 
We bundled you up and took a walk around the neighborhood in the wagon. 

5 month pictures

There aren't many of these because the day that we started them turned out to be the start of your bronchiolitis. You weren't up for much, so I wasn't going to put you through a photoshoot.

We love you so much little man, and you bring so much joy to us! 


  1. Love this little man! Can't wait to see you guys again so soon!

  2. Gosh I love this boy so much!!! I hadn't seen the video of P making him laugh on the changing table! MELT!!! Can't wait to snuggle him tomorrow!!