Tuesday, March 10, 2015

#dredays2015 Weeks 8&9

Week 8

Day 50: My heart was feeling extra full after getting to hang out with these special people. We went to my old school for a baby shower for a girl I used to teach with. {Wow-crazy to write that in past tense.} I saw my co-teacher and for the first time teared up after I had made the decision. {There were plenty of tears leading up to and on the day I let my principal know-but there have been none since.} I could not have asked for a better person to share a classroom with. We were like an old married couple--able to communicate without actually talking. I walked in to our classroom with her and the sweet memories of teaching at that school started flooding back. I looked around the room and remembered how much I really did love teaching. I mean it had gotten stressful---goodness, it was certainly stressful--but at the true heart of what teaching is without all the other demands that come along with it?! That, I love. So maybe I'm not totally done with teaching...but for now, I'm still so happy with the decision I made to stay home with my two little loves. 
And while I was at school, Teagan got to visit with Mrs. Stacey and see some of her friends. And if you've read this blog long enough, you know how crazy we are about those people. 
Day 51: It snowed this evening, but this morning we were dreaming of spring and bunnies. 
Day 52: All bundled up for some time outside. 

Day 53 (part 1): So thankful for our church! Left: Patrick leading worship and getting to sing a song that he wrote. Right: Little cutie in front getting prayed over before heading out to Sunday school.

Day 53: We tried solid foods for the first time today. I think only one bite made it to his mouth, but he sure was happy to be included in dinner. 

Day 54: "Coffee" and lunch date with our friends after storytime! Not pictured: proof of said friends. That's because we ran everyone in the coffee shop off with our not so quiet group. 

Day 55: Reynolds' first snow! 

Reynolds and I watched from inside while Teagan played on the back porch. 

Day 56: Working, blogging, ipad'ing, and playing together by the fire while we wait for the good stuff to fall. ❄️ Oh, and decorating for Easter...cause I'm ready for spring! 

Then, later that day, I looked over during lunch to see this. When I asked what she was doing she told me, "like Lion King." {Acting like Rafiki when he is meditating.} She loves this movie! When I got it for her for Christmas, I had hopes that she would but was afraid it would get overlooked for the other ones with princesses. She loves it though! And she quotes it or acts it out all the time. Love it. 

Week 9 

Day 57: This girl loves doing her own dishes.
 Day 58: play dates with Ryan
Day 59: First family breakfast! We used to do "family dinner" with these people but the growing number of babes and their early bedtimes make it hard for us to all get together at night. The timing was perfect and this will become our new little tradition. The breakfast part however was a disaster on this morning {like accidental wrong recipe for the waffles and spilled bacon grease in the oven that made the house fill with smoke and then caused the fire alarm to sound--outside our house--kind of disaster. Who knew the fire alarm sounded outside of the house?!?}, but the people we got to laugh at it with were wonderful. Love doing life with these people.
That afternoon we headed to Lake Oconee for a quick visit. And Reynolds had his first time in the water. He loved it! One month until the McGuires live here--a lot more fun ahead! 
Watching the golfers tee off. This is in the backyard of where the McGuire's rental house will be while theirs is being built. 
Ha, it felt nice in the sunshine before we left the house so I didn't pack jackets for any of us. Oops, turns out it wasn't as warm as I thought. I was probably still sweating from the fire alarm going off earlier in the day. Ha, so Pappy let Teagan borrow his sweatshirt. 

Day 60: "Look, I draw a picture of Daddy!" She also insisted on wearing her sunglasses even though we haven't seen the sun all day.

Day 61: She made it around one lap before we had to make our own double stroller to get some "essasize" on this pretty day! 

Day 62: Birthday shopping for Lauren and Teagan had to try on a few things for herself. 

Day 63: Going to the zoo, zoo, zoooo! 
Reynolds and his little girlfriend Emma. 
It was a gorgeous day, so we met up with some friends at the park after naptime! 
2nd date with his girlfriend in one day. :) 

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