Friday, May 30, 2014

22 months!

Oh goodness Teagan Leigh, you're almost 23 months and here I am late again with your post. I can't wait for your 23 month post though because I feel like you have changed so much in the last month. Here's a recap of what the last month has been.

 A little fashionista is what you have started to become. You certainly have an opinion on what you would like to wear and your dad lets you do whatever that is...even if that means boots in the heat of the summer. 
 You've become a lot more independent too. Like putting yourself in the bath. This time I told you "Let's get undressed," but I meant BEFORE you got in the tub and sat down. I guess I'll have to start clarifying things a little more.
...and then this time when you insisted that you needed to put your clothes on yourself. 
 You love the zoo...and you especially love the pink flamingos at the zoo. You just giggle the whole time and don't want to leave. I personally have never found them overly interesting. You'll have to let me know one day what it is exactly about them.
Leg up like the flamingos. 
 We had so much fun with you this Easter. We had your friend Evie over on Saturday and you got to do crafts, dye eggs, and have an indoor (because of the rain) egg hunt. Now whenever you hear 'eggs' you think of Evie...or vice-versa.
You seriously thought that this was so much fun!! 
Easter morning bunny waffles! 
refusing to look at the camera for your Easter picture. Ohhh my word your little dress. I just loved it. 
Trying on your fairy wings and headband before heading to church. 
A friend from church invited us to come over for an Easter egg hunt...and this time it got to be outside! You little maam racked up on the candy too! Goodness. And you now know the word empty-because when you would find the eggs a second time in the house you didn't like that they were empty. 
We took you to the Lemonade days again this year-a little fair that is right down the street from us. And this time you got to ride some things. We had so much fun watching you have all your fun! After we got off the first ride and you immediately asked for "more," your dad determined that you must have gotten the loving to ride rides from the Boynton side. His parents used to pay them to not go the fair. ;)
Now this was a funny site to see :) 

 When we were at your Mammy and Pappy's house, you desperately wanted to get in the pool-even though it was freezing! Little by little your little clothes started coming off. Cutest little buns I've ever seen.
 ...and then I found you in the crib a couple of days later dancing/jumping the nakey dance. I have a video too, but it might be a little too incriminating for all to see. ;)

 And for some other sweet moments this month...
Lipgloss for Pappy
Daddy was put in charge of watching the kids-and just a few minutes later everyone was drenched from head to toe from jumping in puddles. I'm not sure the other mom knew what she signed up for. The hose had to be brought up to clean them up. 
Playing in a jump house at the Dunwoody Arts Festival
Redneckin' it in the front yard...
Chillin' out in the neighbor's driveway eating a sandwich. 
...and some hand holding love. You've also started giving us hugs and rubbing our back when you do. Gooooodness, I melt. 

Sweet Teagan Leigh, you bring so much joy to our lives. We love you so, so much!

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  1. Ahhh! Nakey buns pic!! Love the flossing pic, dressing herself pic, and craft time with Ev. Glad to know I have friends who can help out (or completely take over) craft time with our kiddos. ;) She is growing up SO fast!!!