Wednesday, June 11, 2014


On Sunday we got back from our little babymoon getaway. With Teagan, we went to New Orleans and there was a lot of exploring. This time, I really wanted to go somewhere where we could do absolutely nothing. And that's exactly what we did-well, other than sit by the pool and eat. Patrick found a good deal on this amazing all inclusive resort in Cancun called Secrets-the Vine through Costco Travel. The package included our airfare, transportation to/from the resort, and a room upgrade-we are so happy with how it all turned out. It was perfection, and we would definitely recommend it. Here are some pictures from our trip...
Dropping this sweet girl off with her Nana for a few days
headed out the next morning! 
We were greeted with champagne, cool towels, and "welcome home"...I had to pass on the champagne. 
We enjoyed some yummy lunch when we got there and waited for our room to be ready. 
My drink of the trip: virgin mojito. yummm. Not sure that I've ever had a real mojito...but these are delicious! Definitely recommend to any other preggos out there.  
...and since our room still wasn't ready we enjoyed some games around the hotel. I got very close to beating Patrick at pool...close enough that I'll still call it a victory in my book. :) 
Nerdin' it up while we waited playing some scrabble. This was maybe one of the only things I would have changed about the resort or wish we would have known beforehand....such late checkin. I mean we love a game of scrabble but that beach was callin my name. {oh, and I won}

My drink of choice on our honeymoon: mudslide. Patrick asked several times to make sure that this was non-alcoholic. He said the guys repeated him and assured him "no alcohol" but the burn of the first sip told me differently. Ugh! So it just taunted me the rest of our game. So maybe there is another thing I'd change about the resort/life in general....a good non-alcoholic mudslide for us preggos. 
Yay! Finally got in to our room! This resort is set up in a way that every room has a view of the ocean. We just asked for the best view possible without having to pay anything more. We were only one room away from ocean front-and didn't have to pay the $300+ a night for ocean front.  
Umm...I found this in our room. I think it is a cruel way to try to get people to not take too advantage of the all-inclusive. My mom said it was to weigh luggage, but I'm not so sure.
Good grief this guy is handsome! Headed out to the beach/pool! 
Dinner on our first night
Start to day 2: coffee and a walk with my man on the beach. 
and then breakfast with a view 
Patrick won some guessing game that won him me a free 25 minute massage. Unfortunately they said they do not give massages to pregnant people, but they did treat me to my first mini-facial.
Another great thing about the resort was they had plenty of activities for you to choose from: pool volleyball, beach volleyball, corn hole, giant jenga, bingo, guessing games, water aerobics, dance lessons...Patrick was very excited about it {he doesn't sit too well} and decided he was booked from 10-4 for our second day. :)  Which was great for me since I had a good book to read. I just moved around to different locations to watch while I read. 
waiting for pool volleyball to start
I don't think I've ever laughed so hard...these guys were terrible! 
...and to make it even better this guy comes up and asks if they could use another player. I am not making this up. It was extremely entertaining. His wife came and sat by me and commented the entire game with "ooohhh! ahhhh! ohh no! yay!" and kept saying, "this is so hard!" 
next up: beach volleyball
and then corn hole. 
Day 3

my view at lunch :) ...hard to see in the pic but the beach was right behind him
So excited to get dressed up for dinner and take some pics with the "good camera" that I didn't carry around with me everywhere. Apparently the humidity had other plans...I thought my camera was permanently fogged. It was for the night, but luckily by the next morning it was clear again. 
so iphone pic it is of our last night...

We had such a wonderful time! And since it was a babymoon, we tried hard to come up with a name for our little man on the trip-I figured it was my best chance at getting Patrick to focus on the task...but alas, no names. I promise we'll have a name for you soon little guy! {fingers crossed} 

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