Friday, May 30, 2014

It's a boy!!!

We found out last week  4 weeks  5 weeks ago (when I started this post) that baby McGuire is a BOY!!! I think I am still processing this news. I always wanted a boy, but I think being at the point where I am faced with the realization that we are actually going to have one brings me to another realization that I have no idea what I'm doing. I have a lot of work to do learning about all the different super heros...but, I can't wait to see a little tot running around our house in a cape and getting to take him to t-ball practice. We are so excited about the adventures that lie ahead. Here's a little look in to how we decided to find out...
We couldn't have driven our family more crazy with this decision. At least we didn't make them wait too long and opened the envelope that night.
Because when you're getting another sibling and your life as you know it is about to be should at least get a cupcake. :) 
She took her time with the icing...
And then the note with the ultrasound pics to confirm that the Publix ladies did not make a mistake....because the one that I gave the instructions to seemed very confused by the idea. :) 
The size of the bump at the time. 
And a first purchase for our little man. Ohhhh goodness. Polo and stripes. I might die. 
Your big sister did a good job telling the family whether she was getting a sister or a brother, but since then she is convinced otherwise. Here's what she thinks that you might be...and she seems to be sticking to this idea. 

We love you so much little man! ...and your big sister does too-even if she thinks there's a chance you're going to be a puppy at this point. We look forward to the fun and sweet memories that you're about to add to our family. 

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  1. Oh yayay can't wait for baby boy McGuire to get here!!! I'd say y'all did a pretty awesome job figuring out the whole parenting thing in general, so learning how to be a boy mom will be a piece of cake! Can't wait for our boys to be buddies. :)