Monday, December 9, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!

Only 2 weeks late posting, but we had a wonderful Thanksgiving! It was spent traveling back and forth between North Augusta and Columbia with family. Teagan was so excited to see everyone! Hard to remember all the details now, so I'll let the pictures help me out. I realized I forgot my camera as soon as we got on the road, and Patrick was nice enough to turn around for us to get it. ...and then when I pulled it out to use it, the battery was dead. Oh well, thankful for iphones with decent cameras. :)

Playing ball with Jethro. Pappy got out his hopper of balls, so the two of you were in heaven. Jethro has a hard time understanding personal space, but you do not care. You either laugh when he kisses your face or put your hands up to your face as you spin in circles while he tries to get you. You really do love dogs. When you were playing dress up with your Mammy's jewelry, you tried to share the necklaces with Jethro. You also tried to let him watch Mickey with you. You would either attempt to hand him the phone or lay down next to him on the floor so he could see. 

Telling your Granny all about Mickey. 

Helping your Mammy cook for Thanksgiving lunch.  

The girls at our 1st Thanksgiving meal of the day! 

Family selfie
 One happy family! We missed you Joe! 

 Sisters at Thanksgiving meal #2!

Playing with your Papa. 

 Aunt Laudie giving you your very first pedicure.

Back in Atlanta for Flying Biscuit the next morning. At one point, you just starting dipping your finger straight in the apple butter. You are your momma's daughter. 

We ended our Thanksgiving break with getting our house all decorated for Christmas...and watching football! You have since become obsessed with football. Seriously. You yell "Touchdown!" whenever you see that it is on, and when it isn't you beg for more. I'm happy to say that this obsession came prior to our loss against South Carolina and that you still like the tigers better. ;) 

We are loving this holiday season with our little and looking forward to the fun ahead! 

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  1. So I obviously got behind on my blog reading :) ...Look at you in your cute little booties! Love T's first pedi! Maybe she can come with us for our next one?!