Monday, November 18, 2013

16 months!

Little lady, you are learning so much these days. We absolutely love being your parents and getting to watch you grow and experience new things. You are talking and repeating so much more. It is now near impossible to list out all the words that you know. A new favorite of mine to hear though is rillo for your gorilla that one of my students bought you when we took a field trip to the zoo. You've become quite attached, and he has now joined Minnie and PupPup as a part of your nighttime friends.

I think you might know the color yellow. Why yellow? We concentrated on that color because the way you say yellow is so stinkin cute. You aren't 100% successful on identifying yellow things but overall it is pretty good. You also try to count, although your numbers still all sound like two. Your favorite time to count is when we are holding your hands so we will swing you.

You have this fake, deep laugh that is just too funny. And the more we laugh at it, the more you do it. You also like to say "Ohhhhhhh!" in a deep voice with your mouth wide open, showing you are shocked at something. When you see a mirror, you think it is meant for you to play peek-a-boo with yourself. And a favorite trick of ours is when your dad is leaving for work in his truck you point at his lights and he flashes them. You think that you're the one that makes it happen. Oh my. It reminds us of the Volkswagon SuperBowl commercial from a couple of years ago. Here it is if your viewing enjoyment. 

You can now find and open your own folder on my phone. And you know which one will take you to watch Mickey. Here you are dancing to the Hot Dog dance. And you love dancing. You bounce your head back and forth and you've just learned how to spin. I see many more dance parties in our future. :) 

You still love reading books and will sometimes try to read them yourself. You've brought back out your Pretty Pink Alphabet Purse book and can "read" A though E pretty successfully. Sweetness.

 And while we couldn't be happier about the joy it is to be your parents, things aren't always sweet and wonderful. You have started to hit, and that has become tough stuff for all of us. You are trying to learn to not hit, and we are trying to learn how to discipline and teach you right from wrong. We say lots of prayers to God for help on that one. Some days you've been in time out 5 times for hitting...and I'm only with you for half of a day. You know exactly what time out is, and you aren't a fan. You stay right where you are supposed to though, and then when it is over we tell you that we love you and you give us a kiss. Most of the time it is me that you hit (after I've given you an answer you don't like), but the other day you hit 2 of your friends at Mrs. Stacey's (once because your friend got too close to me and I think you were getting a bit possessive). And I cried that day...and prayed to God for wisdom on how to teach you not to hit. Everyone says It's just a phase, and while they are probably right, this is certainly not our favorite phase. You've been a lot better after that day. In fact, the next day when I picked you up you were laughing and playing with your friend EllaKate. It made my heart so happy to see the two of you laughing and giggling together as you played. And then you went right over to her and gave her a hug and a kiss. And did it again 2 more times. It was just what this little momma needed to see after the day before. 

Your feelings have started to get so hurt when we lay you down for your afternoon nap. You still do really well for your morning nap and at night, but when we leave you for your afternoon nap you just hold so tight to me, not wanting me to leave you. And you don't even want to play, you just want me to hold you as you snuggle into my neck. It is so hard to tear myself away from those snuggles, but I know that staying will only start something that will be hard to keep up. I do stay for a while and snuggle and rock you, eating up as much of it as I can. But when I do leave, the tears start. I figure this is just another phase, so when I set my timer for 5 minutes while you cry. Those five minutes feel like forever, but normally near the end you settle down and fall asleep. Oh my. It crushes me. 

Here are some pictures and videos from the last month...
We took a trip to the pumpkin patch
 You love planes, and we finally took you to the Peachtree Dekalb Airport that is just minutes from our house. It has a little playground there, and we got to watch planes take off and land. 

 You love playing in the rain. 
 We went through our first lost stuffed animal. We lost Minine in a parking lot. {And I cried.} And then you were reunited the next day after I called around and found it. Some nice man found it in the parking lot and turned it in to the doctor's office. Lucky us. You didn't actually realize she was gone yet...but you squealed when you saw her and gave her big hugs. It was a sweet ending. {I know, we deal with some big stuff at 15 months.} 
Playing outside with the neighbors. You two girls like to copy whatever the other is doing. And laying down on the concrete driveway seemed to make the most sense this day. 
 Trying out Neil's bike. You think you're such a big girl and you love it. 
 This is what I got to see at a redlight one afternoon. Oh my word. My sweet little snuggle puppy playing peek-a-boo with me. 
 The last Food Truck Thursday of the year. And you just look like such a big girl holding your lunch box. 
 Your first time trick-or-treating
 You wanted to read your Aunt Hea's blog post about Tally (the original PupPup). 
 Just 2 cousins reading in their reading corner. 
 What you wanted for breakfast one morning. 
 When I told you that wasn't happening.  
 You are still rockin the crazy morning hair. 
Here's a flash back to an earlier one...
Family trip to vote...for Dunwoody City Council. Your dad loves local news/politics. 
 Brushing your teeth on your new stool that your Grammy Pam and Papa G made for you. You now climb up it yourself when you're ready to brush your teeth. 
 Your dad has been wanting to get your a golf set, and he finally did. You two get so excited about playing this together. 
 We took a last minute family trip to the mountains. 
 You love apples! And if you see one, you want it! 
 Making your pouty face while looking at a picture of yourself that Aunt Hea snapped earlier of you making it. 
 You and your dad decided it was "lots of dots" day. Regardless of the dots matching or not. 

Little one, you bring so much joy to our lives. With the good and sometimes more difficult times, we still love every single second of getting to be your parents. 

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  1. Oh my heavens, I must see the "oooooh." I can only imagine! And the cry for goldfish for breakfast is too much. Adorable! As was the searching for the original pup pup on your computer. ;) Can't wait to see y'all Thursday!