Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Garden Lights & Christmas Crafts

Last weekend we went to the Atlanta Botanical Gardens for the Garden Lights. We loved it! I'm hoping we'll make it a annual tradition from now on. Loved walking around with our little family, sipping hot chocolate, and looking at all the Christmas lights. Here are some pictures from our time there.

Don't be fooled-you liked it much more than this picture suggested. You just weren't happy that I took your goldfish for the picture. :)
Christmas Crafts
Oh my goodness, do I love getting to do crafts with you. The other day you became a big fan of painting. And since then, you will pull the paint back out and give it to me to ask to paint again. We're planning on doing a few more crafts this afternoon. Love. 

Hate how blurry this one turned out, but you were just starting to have fun and saying in your deep voice "Oooooohhhhhhh!" Sweetness.  
Once you started there was no stopping you...so I let you enjoy it. We took a break to take a bath, and then when we walked back downstairs you asked for more. So we did...and then took a second bath. Loved every second of it. 

And a few others...

Bet ya don't have this one on your tree! I win. :) 

Reading your stories by the tree. You especially love the stories with Baby Jesus in them. You like to flip through the pages to find Him, and then you say "Boo!" to try and wake Him up if he's sleeping in the picture. The other night you wouldn't finish dinner and kept saying, "Jesus! Jesus!" until your dad read the book to you. Makes our hearts happy.  We love the opportunity to teach you what Christmas is all about! 

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