Wednesday, December 18, 2013

17 months!

I was just thinking the other day how much fun it is to be your momma-how your fun little personality makes us laugh, your sweet hugs & kisses make us melt, the things your are learning make us proud, and your version of words make us smile. Our little lady, you bring so much joy to our lives. You are a busy little one, learning so much! Your naughtiness is lessening, and that makes us happy!

One little story before your naughtiness started to subside. You were in your carseat saying "NO!" in a not so nice way. I very firmly said, "Teagan Leigh. Stop, you need to be sweet." A few seconds passed and I heard in the tiniest of whispers...."no." Ha, oh man. I just ignored it and giggled to myself instead.

You started off this month trying to occasionally brush your own teeth. Now-that is the one area that you are sure to show your independence. You must do it on your own. You climb up on your stool, reach out to get your toothbrush and toothpaste. It turns into somewhat of a fight for us to try and help you. You've become quite interested in your teeth too, saying teeth as you rub your finger along your teeth to feel them. You are also showing your independence more in your reading. You love to sit down and read the books yourself, and you'll go through almost your whole basket of books at times.
Every time you read in your chair...this little foot helps you out with turning the pages. every.time. We think it is pretty funny. 
You might be reaching the hiding phase. A couple of weeks ago you were hiding your Rillo in the cabinet. When you'd close the door, I'd ask where he was and you'd put your hands out and spin around pretending to look for him. Ha! I tried so hard to get that one on video, but you forgot about him and started walking to the camera every time it turned on.

Your newest obsession?! Football. Yes, as in real football. Your obsession started the weekend of all the big rival games. We were all excited watching the Auburn vs. Alabama game and I guess our excitement was a little contagious. We had previously taught you the word touchdown (complete with hand motions). This night you kept yelling touchdown! touchdown!. You were supposed to be in bed before the Clemson vs Carolina game but we let you stay up to watch the first few minutes. You basically pitched a fit when it was time to go to bed, and you kept asking for touchdown! touchdown!. We now have to say goodnight to 'touchdown' just about every night-we walk into the hallway, look down the stairs, and say goodnight. The other day, I had to pull up some youtube videos of football games-Clemson, of course :) because you were begging for it. Oh my goodness-your excitment over football just might match your excitement for Mouse...which is big stuff! Maybe Santa needs to bring you your own football this year.
My Clemson girl
We watched your first movie the other day. I laid out blankets & pillows, made hot (and cold) chocolate, and Goldfish. We watched The Grinch, and you just thought it was the best. I'm not sure which you liked better though-the movie or the birthday cake goldfish that we had with it. You thought you were big stuff sitting on the pillows with your chocolate milk & snack. I've since tried to let you watch the original Grinch but you prefer Jim Carey. Mom fail?!? oops. Oh, and you say your own version of Grinch to ask for the movie.

The other day we passed by a loud truck and you said TyTy! (Mrs. Stacey's son who has a loud truck and who you are completely in love with). Ha, I think Tyler was excited that you associated him with his loud truck.

You have started to laugh this fake laugh at yourself. And I think the sound of your fake laugh only makes you laugh even more at yourself...and us too. It is contagious.

You now can 'sing' your ABCs...with abc&d sounding somewhat close to the real thing. I think you prefer to listen to us sing them while you dance. Who knew that the alphabet song was something you could dance to?? ;)

You are continuing to talk more and more. You love saying hi and bye bye to people that we pass when shopping while giving them a flirty little grin. You will then blow them kisses as well...and sometimes say that you love them too. ha- I think you think that bye bye, kiss, and love you belong together. You love to point and label things. You understand the difference between yes/no a lot more now, and you use them pretty successfully most of the time. I think our favorite of your words is yes or yeths. Oh, what a sweet little lisp. You also do this little nod of your head when you say it. Pure cuteness if you ask me. As you are pointing and labeling things you often repeat yourself until we acknowledge you and say what it is your saying. To which you respond yeths! to let us know we got it right! ahhhhh...see what I mean about being your momma is so much fun!?!?

Here are a few fun pictures from this month...
finger painting fun! 
"Helping" your dad with the leaves. 
You love playing with your dad's hats. You normally bring them to me until I have a stack of them on my head. 


First pedicure...thanks Lala. 
Big girl swing! 

First time sliding by yourself.

Another painting adventure 
You LOVE stickers! And they can normally be found stuck to just about anything. 
I heard some rumbling in the pantry and knew exactly what you were after...just little did I know that you would figure out how to open the chocolate granola bar. You walked around the corner with the wrapper in one hand, granola bar in the other-so proud of yourself. I couldn't say no at that point. :) 
So this happened two days in a row. :) Luckily it hasn't happened any more...and probably even more lucky that we didn't end up with an accident either time. I ran right up with my phone to take a picture as soon as I saw those shiny buns on the monitor. 
Eating with a spoon/being a pirate. 
Shopping adventure with mom :) 
We've just recently started cutting out your morning nap because you stopped napping well in the afternoon. This is how it was the first few days coming home from Mrs. Stacey's. Love watching a sweet sleeping baby.

Garden Lights! 

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  1. Oh my goodness- too much cuteness for words. The sweet "no" in the car- ah! The shiny baby hines in the crib, the granola bar opening success, "Anta", the snuggles in the shopping cart- Ahhh! I miss her! Okay, so I found some words. I need to see her! And you!!