Monday, January 6, 2014

Merry, Merry!

Well today was back to reality/work, so what better way to spend the afternoon that reminiscing on the wonderful break that we just had. Even though last year was Teagan's 1st Christmas, this one was even more fun! She got so excited about Santa, opening up all her presents, and my favorite finding baby Jesus in all of her Christmas books. Oh my goodness. We absolutely loved being able to see Christmas through her eyes...and to know that things will continue to get more exciting with her just makes me giddy. Here are the million of pics from our break with an attempt to remember everything that happened.

We'll start with the man she was so excited to see...that is, until Patrick set her on his lap. 
Santa is thinking "oh boy, another crier"
This was about the calmest things got. 

We then headed to North Augusta for Christmas with my family! Teagan loved getting to see everyone. It makes me happy how excited she gets to see family even though we don't live in town. We celebrated by going to a Christmas Eve service together, having our family Christmas party that always follows...and then Christmas with my family. And that was all in one night. :) 
Tickle fight with Cayden...she loves him!! 

Our house just got a lot louder :) 
giving Caroline a turn

We woke up Christmas morning and headed straight to Columbia to spend time with the McGuires. Teagan got to open up even more presents and go on her first Christmas scavenger hunt that her Pappy does every year. 
First things first...Pappy's pancakes! 

And then it didn't take her long to spot this fun little toy under the tree! 

very helpful :) 

Her very first tennis racket So exciting! 

This year's scavenger hunt included even more little presents for T along the way...Girl is spoiled. :) 

One of the things that Mammy was most looking forward to was making cookies with Teagan. She always made them with the boys growing up. Teagan had a blast! And thanks to her Aunt Kristen and Uncle Daniel, she was stylin' with the perfect apron and chef's hat! 

The most "sprinkliest" cookies I've ever seen. And yummy too! 
The hardest part about making cookies. 
And the best :)  
blowing them off to get to eat them faster.  
We ended our break with a tennis tournament that Pappy hosted to help benefit the Ronald McDonald House. Patrick played in the tournament, and the girls enjoyed the pancakes that a close friend of the family made. And luckily Teagan had her new racket for when the courts were empty. 

Patrick and his were able to play one of the rounds together. 

I'm not sure if he is her coach or her assistant. See who has the racket. I think I know who is in charge. :)  

taking a break between sets
Next stop was back to Augusta to visit my mom in the hospital after her second knee replacement. Then we headed back to Atlanta that night and had our own little family's Christmas morning the next morning. More on that in the next post.

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