Monday, November 4, 2013

Happy Halloween!

This was Teagan's second Halloween, but the first one trick-or-treating. And I think she might have liked it. :) We decided she could dress up as Minnie Mouse shortly after her obsession started. And her squeals at the sight of Minnie when we were in the store looking at costumes confirmed that. My sister had a few days off of work and decided to come to Atlanta to visit, bringing my niece and nephew along for the cousins to trick-or-treat together. So with that, Caroline would also dress up as Minnie. We love any opportunity to get these 2 girls matching. We also had my aunt and uncle (Grammy Pam and Papa G) come over to see the kids and have dinner together.

Getting ready to walk to Brier's North, a neighborhood near us that goes crazy over Halloween. 
 I might have stolen my outfit idea from a little girl I saw earlier in the day when my class was on a field trip at the zoo. I never dress up for halloween, but every Minnie needs a Mickey, right? 

 Happy girl on the walk back to our neighborhood
 Papa G came to help celebrate and give out the first treat of the night. :)
 ...and to bring Cayden's "horse" to complete his outfit. 
 Family picture...T is killing me in this one. 
 off to do her very first trick-or-treating...

 love this picture. She was a little more interested in the goods than taking a picture. 
getting the hang of this...and liking it! 

Papa G and Grammy Pam with the kiddos.
 One of many breaks during the night (in the middle of the street) to search the candy bag. I let her take a bite of a candy bar after leaving one of the houses, so after we left every house she would look up at me and say "bite? bite? bite?"  .love.

...and now back at the house to relax in her new Minnie slippers her Grammy Pam got her :) 
 This is where Caroline practically stayed all weekend. She loved her little stair landing turned reading nook. 

From all the pictures, it looks like we're huge Halloween people. We really aren't. In fact, I think it has been over 10 years since I've even attended a Halloween party or dressed up. And I'm not into much of the hoop-la that comes along with Halloween. But seeing a sweet little Minnie Mouse get candy after saying her version of trick-or-treat was awesome. Love seeing holidays through her eyes. I look forward to experiencing more holidays through them.  

Now onto my very favorite time of year...Thanksgiving and Christmas! And I might be okay with starting to celebrate them starting November 1. The best time of the year needs to last as long as we can make it, right? :) 


  1. Oh my gosh! Love her to pieces!! We will have to join you guys next year with the little man :)

  2. These pictures are precious!! Love her slippers, Cayden's "horse",Caroline's nook... And your outfit! What fun memories!