Friday, February 5, 2016

3 1/2

Teagan Leigh, we love you so much! You are now 3 1/2, and you keep reminding me that we haven't had a cupcake yet. Moooooom, we never had a cupcake for my 3 1/2 birthday! I can remember {remind} you, okay? Is that a great idea? 

My heart can just break a little looking back at pictures of you and seeing how much you've grown-even just in these last 6 months. I love this stage that we're in but think it would be a lot of fun if I could go back and visit with your 2 year old self for a minute too. Ohhhh myyyy cuteness. And I'm sure as you get older I'll be saying the same thing about this stage we're in right now. So I'll try to just enjoy these sweet and special moments now with you...and maybe take more video {so when I need to, I can go back and see and remember how cute you were, how excited you got over things, and the sweet pronunciation of words}.

Oh, we love you so much! You are such a sweet and kind little girl. Being a threenager has brought a little bit of sass with it too, but you really are a sweet, sweet girl. We're fully in the why stage and have been for a bit. And we've even started to enter the "no it's not" after you ask a question and I give you the answer stage. {heaven help me!}

You love your brother! You love having him close by to play together and you like helping take care of him. But of course there's some sibling rivalry/fights/I had it first moments...but those are just helping you both become better people and learn how to deal with others. :)

You love all things princess. And your favorite thing to do when friends come over is to play dress up.
Disney on Ice! 

You love getting to have special things you do with certain people. You seem to have such a good memory of special things that you've done with family/friends. Reflecting back on all of them, I'm thinking your love language might be quality time. Either that, or you are just one for tradition. Words of affirmation rank pretty high on your list too!

You love anything crafty or any holiday that gives reason for things to be celebrated and festive. As in you almost cried twice during the taking down of Christmas decorations. You love holidays and it makes me so happy...cause I kind of love them too! :)

You've still managed to have some firsts in the last six months!
First day of school!

First day of ballet!
First haircut!

First school picture! MELT!!!

First sleepover!
You really do love school and ballet! You've never not wanted to go to either of them! Your teachers are so sweet and I love how much you love going and learning! 

Here's a look at some other random fun we've had over the last 6 months...
Celebrating Granny's 90th birthday! 
You love making the choices on what to wear for the day...
Mountain trip with Nana and Papa and your first time mining for jewels! 
Mommy/Daughter day-Starbucks first and haircut for both of us next 
You wanted us to have matching "mug cups" for Christmas, and this is what your daddy came up with! 
You love playing your guitar and singing with your dad. 
...and puddles. You love puddles. 
1st Mommy/Daughter manicure & pedicure...thanks to a Christmas gift from your Daddy and Reynolds 
Staying up late to watch the national championship with mommy! 
Here are some videos of you recently! 
I noticed I did a "life lately" post and posted several of them here

I found this video on my phone later and we were cracking up. 
Here you are singing a song that your dad wrote. Oh it makes my heart melt and I'm sure it makes his even more hearing you sing his song. 

Teagan Leigh, being your parent is a joy! We love you so much and we are so thankful for the smiles that you bring to our faces each day. 

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