Monday, February 29, 2016

Easter conversations with a 3 year old...

We've been having lots of conversations about death lately. Sounds so morbid when I type it out, but that is quite the opposite of what it has been. It has been challenging but also {surprisingly} hopeful and really sweet.
A couple of months ago the McGuries had to put their dog down. We wanted to figure out how to tell Teagan so that she wouldn't be shocked when we went to visit and he wasn't there....and mayyybe so she wouldn't ask 100 questions once we got there. Up until that point I think the only thing that ever "died" in her life were bugs and phone batteries.
It created lots of questions about what it meant to die and how he wouldn't ever be there when we visited anymore. But the questions only seemed to surface when we would visit and she would remember he wasn't there.
Then, as we're driving down the road a couple of weeks ago listening to a CD Reynolds got for Christmas {Slugs & Bugs-Sing the Bible...that is bible verses to song}, Teagan realized that one of the songs used the word killed. It quotes Mark 8:27-29,31-35 that says, "He must be killed and then after three days rise again."

Mommmmy, why it say killed? Why do they killed Jesus???

And I thought for a moment about brushing it off, trying to preserve her innocence, keeping her from thinking that anything but bugs, batteries, and now dogs have to die. But then I realized it was the perfect opportunity to share Jesus with her. So I stumbled upon my words trying to make sense to a three year old the story of Jesus' death and resurrection and the promise of Heaven. This girl knows about Jesus, loves Him, knows that He lives in our hearts...but I had tried to shy away from the tougher stories until now.

There were and have been many questions since.

Mommy, do grownups die too?!?
Yeah, they do.
But I don't want you to die!
Well, I don't want to die either. But when we do, we get to be with Jesus.
Well if you die, I have to die too.
Why's that??
Because I can be in heaven with you.
{still not sure how I kept it together during that conversation}

And then another similar conversation as the one above several days later, but this time...

Well Mommy, if I die I won't need you because I'll have God there.
{Oh my goodness sweet girl. Not sure how I kept it together that time either. I know a 3.5 year old mind may not fully grasp what it all means but for her to realize that she wouldn't actually need me on the other side of eternity-my heart could burst.....and learn so much from her and that childlike faith.}

And then several nights ago during bedtime prayers I heard the sweetest prayer {mind you normally these prayers are a mumble jumble or repetition of things she's heard us say}. This one was so clear and to the point though.

Dear Jesus, Thank you for today. Thank you that when we die we get to go to Heaven. And that you always love us. And you are always with us, even in time out.

So thankful for these moments and these conversations. And for the hope that Easter brings and that I get to share that with my children.

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