Wednesday, November 4, 2015

life lately...

I totally abandoned turning in my #dredays2015 instagram pics into weekly posts. Ehhh, they are still on instagram and maybe I'll finally get to it and make one of those chatbooks out of them?!? November goal, maybe?!
Speaking of goals, I got a little inspired by one of my best friends who makes goals for herself every month. I felt like each month was just slipping by, and so I decided to do the same. So one of my goals was to start the Couch to 5K program. I'd be embarrassed if I said how long I had gone without exercising before this month. I have tried to get my runs in when I only have a single stroller to push-so while Teagan is in school or even on her ballet days. Heather made this one of her goals too so we've been able to get a few of them in together this month...makes exercising more fun when you have someone to do it with!
Here we are on day 1! 
Multitasking! Teagan is in ballet, Reynolds napping, and I'm running {around the parking lot}! 
Patrick started a new job in August. Or at least I think it was August. It's all running together. He now works for CAA (Creative Artists Agency). The company is mostly in LA but they just bought another company here in Atlanta, opening up an opportunity for Patrick to work for the company without moving to LA. He's loving it. He's super busy at work and has been traveling a little more here in the beginning, so we're just trying to get acclimated to our new, slightly crazier life.  I'm thinking I need to join him on one of his next trips. ;) Here we are coming to visit him for lunch one day...
Teagan has started school and LOVES it. We haven't had tears once. I'm pretty sure she was confused in the beginning as to why the others cried almost every morning. Girl loves school, loves learning, and it makes this former teacher heart happy. Almost every school morning she asks me, "Mommy, who's Top Frog today?!?!" Top Frog is the special helper of the day, line leader, etc. They also get to have show & tell at the end of the day. I got invited to have lunch with her on this day and got to watch her first ever show and tell. Made me so happy. And the cuteness in a room full of 3 year olds is about too much to take in. 
We've splashed in some puddles with all the rain we've had. {And stayed in princess attire as much as possible. We certainly have gotten our money's worth out of this year's Halloween costume.} 
Uncle Joe came to visit and we introduced him to Taqueria del Sol. 
Teagan has taken an interest in getting her self ready some mornings. On this particular morning I told her she'd be too cold in the tank top, so she added the fur vest. And then the combination was just too funny to ask her to change. So off to church we went, like this...
We visited Mrs. Stacey and then took lunch to Mrs. Jocelyn at school during her break. The kids came in the room for just a few minutes and Reynolds couldn't stop staring at them. I love being at home now, but we do miss some of our favorite people that we used to see daily. 
We took a trip to the zoo with some friends! 
...and passed out before we made it home! 
Some family friends gave us tickets for Disney on Ice when it came to Atlanta. Teagan loved it...didn't sit once. The show was great, but I think our favorite part was just getting to see how much she loved it! Even Reynolds liked it in the beginning...then he got a little stir crazy and needed to get out and walk around a bit. You know, once the snacks ran out/we cut him off. 
Stayed just like this the whole time. 
And Patrick finally caved and allowed Teagan to buy the $15 snow cone (that came with the cool cup)! 
This moment made me laugh so much. Teagan is pretending to be asleep so that I will carry her into the house. I couldn't help but laugh because I so remember doing this to my parents when I was young. I even remember slightly timing it on the way home so that enough time passed to make it believable. Apple doesn't fall far...
Loving some outside time with the neighbors. 
Teagan totally took initiative and started to feed Reynolds his oatmeal on this morning. It was so cute watching her be a little mama to him. She even offered him his drink occasionally and then wiped down his hands and mouth after. 
We enjoyed our first fire of the season. I think they may like the fire as much as their mama. It just puts everyone in a better mood in the mornings. ;)
We celebrated Evie's birthday! 
(and cheesed hard while doing it)
...while P was at Talledega with his friends! 
His friend Warren is now Joey Logano's manager...who actually won the race and landed these guys in Victory Lane to help celebrate. {And if no part of you is redneck, you probably understood little of that.}  #redneckognize
We lost blankt. But have been surviving using a substitute shred of the original. 
We bought an Olaf costume. And our hearts burst. 
We made some festive Halloween Monster Mix and Teagan declared during it, "dats my savrwit mommy...tookin' wiv you." (That's my favorite with you.) And then whatever was left of my heart after Olaf melted. 

Teagan had a second chance at being Top Frog. This time she brought in her book Brown Bear, Brown Bear and read the whole thing to her class! Cuteness in that room. I'm tellin you. 
...annnnd we went on a DATE!!! 
 I had recently told Patrick {read: had a little meltdown} about feeling a little overwhelmed recently. I LOVE this mom life that I get to have at home with my kids, but I was kind of hitting a wall and needing some recharge time. So then this guy texted me to see about getting a babysitter that he had gotten us tickets to the Hawks game! (Which was a little trip down memory lane because when we dated his job was in sports marketing and we would frequent Hawks games...sometimes as a part of work events and sometimes just as dates.) 
I was pretty giddy walking around downtown with this guy. Tall buildings, lots of people, and this hunk on my arm. I'm in love. 
...and loved knowing that my little girl was being loved on so well by a close friend. :) 
We took a really short trip (because that was all we could fit in the crazy Halloween weekend) to the lake to help Mammy and Pappy move in to their new house! Annnnd we got a surprise visit from my family to help out! Love that our families love each other and will show up to help like this! 
And some videos of our life lately {mostly of Teagan because I still try to post the ones of Reynolds on his monthly updates.} 
Vocabulary lessons are always great with Teagan. The first video is her explainging what it means to be respecible {guessing this is a mix of respectable and responsible} and the second is being patient. {Which wasn't accurate, but can you tell what I'm trying to teach her while at home...ha!}
Not necessarily a vocab lesson, but this is one of our favorite things that Teagan says right now. All by myself...with entirely too many syllables. 
I saw that she may be learning the pledge soon at school so I started working on it with her...and she caught on quickly! And not seen in this video but a few days later, while in the middle of saying the pledge, as we are approaching Publix {again}, this lightbulb goes off for Teagan. She said, "Ahhh! When I said the prayer (pledge) to the wepublic and it's THIS Public (Publix)!!!!" 
Teagan learned the 5 Little Pumpkins at school and Reynolds thought it was pretty funny and will occasionally do the motions with her. {You know...when the camera isn't rolling.}
For Teagan's second show & tell she decided she wanted to bring in Brown Bear to the class and read it to them. We thought she would either get too nervous or it would just be a bust, but she did great!! 
And the sweetest little reading of Brown Bear to her brother! Melt my heart. 
Teagan has started thinking of what she wants for Christmas. Oh boy! {A diamond necklace with jewels on it and pretty butterflies on it. Apparently she thinks Santa only brings necklaces. Luckily she said it was for we don't need to find any real diamonds. Ha.}

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