Friday, October 30, 2015

13 months!

RPM, you turned 13 months on the 8th! I'm going to try to keep these next monthly posts short and simple in hopes to actually continue them until your second birthday! {but I'm realizing I'm going to need to do a better job of the short and simple part after this post kept growing & growing. next month maybe?} 
I already did a little birthday post here, but I noticed that google+ did this little montage from the pictures and videos from the day. You got me google+...I loved it. Now give me more! ;)
My goodness do we love you and your fun personality. At 13 months you are loving:
-to bring us books to read! {yaaaay!} One of your favorites right now is Sophie's First Words...but you've kind of loved it so hard that it is falling apart. But you will start to chuckle the second we start reading it to you.
I was supposed to be going through that giant pile of clothes in the background but instead I read The Little Engine that Could 20+ times. {another favorite for sure!}
-to point to your eyes & say "eyes"! It is like your way of contributing to a conversation. I was talking to Teagan about getting some ice and you chimed in with pointing and saying "eyes!"! almost buddy, almost! ;) 
-your belly button! You can be caught many times walking around with one hand up your shirt, just holding your belly button...or lifting your shirt to show everyone your belly button. obsessed really.

-your dad! {Some mornings you kind of pitch your own mini-fit because you don't want him to leave for work}
-stopping for snuggles! Most of the time you are on the go, but you are good for a quick snuggle. You'll climb in my lap and lay your head down for a second or come over and fall into me for a big bear hug while you're playing.

Other things you are loving to do this month:
-knock your head on anything and everything. purposefully because you think it is funny. {someone please tell me this is okay behavior and he'll turn out just fine.}
-head-butt us to give you kisses. You will head-butt my lips over and over to keep getting kisses.
thoooooseeee lips! 

-play t-ball!

-watchDaniel Tiger. It only lasts for a few short minutes before your off to do the next thing, but the excitement you get when it first comes on reminds me of Teagan with Mickey Mouse. sweeeetness.

-chase the Roomba. And turn it on. and off. and on. and off. and on. and.....{we may have a broken one soon}
-say "cheeese" and give the cheesiest smile for pictures! The other day your "aunt" Hea was taking a picture of a rug in Target. The sound on her phone was on and when you heard it, I looked and you were saying cheeeeese and grinning big! {for the record....yes, I may take a lot of pictures but my phone is always on how you've connected that sound with saying cheese, I'm not sure.} And I don't think I could ever have enough pictures of might be my favorite thing ever.

Things that you think are good ideas...

Just couldn't wait. And notice the pillow. I'm guessing that was to help break the fall.  
rearranging the fridge. 
I'm not sure why I've never thought to put the salad dressings with the salad. 

New things this month:
-You had your first haircut!
-We started a music class while Teagan is in school. And we get to be in the same class with your best bud Ryan.

And just some other fun moments from the month...
First visit to Daddy's new job! 
I mean how old do you look in these next two pictures. I may cry. 
We love getting to spend time with our family! 
Yeahhh, pretty sure those crocodile tears were because you bit mommy and your meal ended. {Poor guy. But let's be honest...poor mommy!}
I was squished in between the two car seats on the way to the lake...but then this happened. sweeetness. 
{And as I'm looking back through all of these pictures, there aren't as many with you and T since she has started school 3 days a week. It makes me a little sad, but I'm loving the special times we're getting together.}
...and some more random videos from the month. 

Reynolds Patrick, we love you more than our hearts can contain. You bring so much joy to our lives and we are so happy to call you ours! 

I'll eat you up, I love you so! 

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  1. That video montage is awesome! Yay Google+. And his cheeeeeese is my favorite!!