Friday, November 6, 2015

Clemson Weekend!

In October, we headed to Clemson for a reunion weekend with my college roommates. This is our 4th year going. The other years we've only brought along babes that were too young for a night away from mama, but this year we decided to bring the whole gang. 10 adults & 9 kids in a 5 bedroom house = a little bit a crazy but a whole lot of fun! Other than the poor sleep that most of us got each night, it was the most perfect weekend! And the wake times with everyone made up for any sleep deprivation we were suffering from. 
And here goes google+ again putting together a montage from the weekend. 
The drive there was eventful. Really eventful. And at first it was funny but the closer we got to bedtime and the crankier the kids got, the less funny it became. We got pulled over (for something silly that Patrick swears he didn't actually do--cross a double line), got a nail in the tire while being pulled over only to notice the deflated tire later (on one of the many potty breaks), and ended up stopping by a garage that was already closed for the day but they were sweet and helped us anyways. Thankful that we were able to laugh at most of it together and for sweet people near the city of Clemson <3 that helped us out...and of course ending the night with a house full of our best friends. Totally worth it! 
It was homecoming weekend, so there was so much to take in on campus. The 4 older kids were so sweet holding hands while we walked around. Goooodness, there were many times throughout the days that I almost teared up at seeing them all there together. Clemson holds a huge place in my heart and getting to see our kids experience the fun and happiness there was perfection! 
Getting a drink at Cooper Library
And Groucho's for lunch! 
Someone (I'm not going to name any names) decided that 4:30am sounded like a good time to start partying. Problem was, there wasn't really any place for us to go that early. So we bundled up under lots of blankets on the porch and then made our way into the garage to play some mini golf. Sweet times with my boy.
Back to campus on game day...with a stop at Pot Belly Deli first where we turned part of the restaurant into a small preschool cafeteria. this point Teagan was done. I wanted a picture with my Clemson girl in front of all the floats, but I'm pretty sure she had just hit me not wanting to take one. So we got this. :) 
...lollipops sure can brighten spirits though :) 
Making cupcakes with Aunt Hea.
Before leaving on Sunday, we drove by the stadium because I wanted to show it to Teagan. Annnnd it was open! We got to touch the rock, run down the hill (20+ times because Teagan just couldn't get enough), and just take in the wonderful-ness that is Death Valley. And then I cried. Because it was all that wonderful and fun and my heart was just full, really full. 

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