Sunday, September 27, 2015

To our favorite little thwee year old...

Better late than never. ;) 

Teagan Leigh, it is hard to put a personality as big as yours into words. There are moments when your dad and I just look at each other and wonder how in the world we got as lucky as we did.

You are such a sweet, thoughtful, loving & caring little girl. My goodness, are you thoughtful and caring. You have such compassion on and concern for people when they are hurt and you want so much to help them feel better. {And most of the time you think a princess bandaid or your "blankt" can do the trick.}

You love to learn and have become quite curious. We are fully in the "why" stage even if you know the answer to the why.

You love your brother and {most of the time} you take such good care of him. Ohhhh, and he adores you so! You two have started to enter the phase where you can actually play together. It makes me so happy to see you calling him into your room and trying to play with him.

Things aren't always rainbows and butterflies over here. You have also entered the #threenager stage. Things can get a bit dramatic, and I'm pretty sure you are trying to master the fake cry. You can be quite testy and maybe even sometimes just straight defiant. Those moments aren't always the easiest. Okay, those moments are never the easiest. But, we still love you the same. And I pray that in those moments I'm able to show you the love and the grace that Jesus daily shows to us.

You are hilarious too and you seem to know when to use your sense of humor/cuteness to your advantage {i.e. when you are getting in trouble or when you want something}. You are such a silly girl, but you reserve that silliness for those people you feel most comfortable with. You can also be such a shy girl when you're in a new setting or around new people. My prayer for you is that you are confident in the girl that God created you to be. That when those around you glance your way because of an outfit choice, your loud singing, or your dance moves--you'll never feel ashamed of who you are. I pray that while you can feel challenged to be and do better, you'll never feel that you aren't good enough in the moment. Because Teagan Leigh, you are a precious girl and you are loved dearly.
Some of your favorite things at 3 years old...

1.     Your daddy. {ohhh my word do you love him!}
2.     Your "blankt" --which is sadly a small shred now that I'm afraid will disintegrate at any moment. And I could write a whole post about blankt. But for now I'll include that it is
      a.  tiny
      b.  disgusting because you refuse to let it be washed. It breaks your heart if it is not in your bed or in your hand. 
      c. what you want most when you are hurt...and what you bring to us whenever we get hurt. ;) 
      d. not to be confused with any other shred of your original blanket. "Blankt" is one particular shred & no other pieces will do. 
      e. a must for falling asleep. And did you see point a.?? Because when you mix something reallllly tiny with something that is a must for falling to sleep-it creates several night wakings in search for that silly shred that you love so much.
3.    All things princess. 
4.    Wearing dresses!
5.    Being a helper...with anything!
6.    Food! {especially "special treats"
7.    Dancing/being a ballerina!
8.    Anything crafty
9.    Baking with me! {and sampling...lots of sampling.}
10. Messin'. And I don't mean making messes, I mean messin' as in playing with us. And we love to do it to you too. You love to ask us, "Mommy/Daddy, you messin'?!?" when you can't quite believe what we are telling you. 

I just asked you what your favorite thing in the whole world was, and you responded "Making cookies at our house with YOU (with a point)....for Daddy!"

Here are some pictures of the fun {with a few meltdowns mixed in} you've had over the last 6 months! 
{you wanted to be in the picture--when you already were}
Happy 3rd birthday to our little princess! 
Birthday dinner at the Flying Biscuit...dressed as Ariel. 
Your new bike & helmet! 
We love you to the moon and back our little Teagan Leigh! Getting to be your mommy and daddy is one of our greatest joys! 

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