Monday, September 28, 2015

Teagan's mermaid party!

Teagan's third birthday party was a mermaid party! We had it at our neighborhood pool and used the clubhouse there. It was so nice being able to leave the house a wreck {I mean, let's be honest here...} and have the party someplace else. Both of my sisters helped prep the night before which was a HUGE help {and some fun sister bonding time!}...getting tables & chairs set up, decorations in place, etc. I kind of love party planning for my kids...even if they are sometimes too young to "get" that everything is themed. I consider it practice for the years when maybe they will get excited about all those little details. And even if not...I still enjoy it and they still get a fun party! :) 
Peanut Butter & Jellyfish sandwiches
Fruit of the Sea
Seaweed Dip
Pirate's Booty
We also had "sand dollar" pancakes but those weren't out in time for the pictures. 
Standing up to tell everyone thanks for coming! 
First pinata! 
We had no intention of giving this guy any cupcake. We were going to wait until his birthday. But apparently he caught on to that, so any chance he got he would swipe one from a person nearby. I think he ended up doing this 3 times. 
A new, big, pink bi-ci-yi-yal!!! 
...and a new helmet with a tiara {because..duh.}
We loved getting to celebrate our girl with some of our friends and family. She's lucky to have so many people that love her so much! 

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  1. Reynolds passed out! Hah I missed that! Such a fun party- and love the pic of T standing up to thank everyone for coming!