Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Family Mountain Trip!

Two weekends ago, we headed to Sapphire, NC for a little mountain getaway with my family. Our family has a lot of birthdays in March, so we just make it into a little birthday trip. Last year we went to Hilton Head, and this year we made a much shorter drive to the mountains. We had a lot of fun, and as always-just wish it could have lasted a little longer. Here are the pictures from our trip.
Going on an "adventure" in the back yard.
Patrick brought his old BB gun for some mountain target shooting. I'm going to go ahead and be honest and say I have no idea how I feel about any of these pictures involving guns. I grew up as one of three girls--this wasn't something that girls just did. So I have no idea if this is frowned upon by others or not. But:  it was just a BB gun, we were only shooting at targets, and an adult always had a hand on the gun. Soooo, I'm thinking it's okay?!?! Cayden thought it was so cool and said that's what he wanted for his birthday gift from us--his mom told him not a chance. 
Daniel splittin some wood for the fire
And Papa grilling up some burgers. 
 Teagan loves getting to play with Cayden! And he's always so sweet to include her.

The first night we were there was probably one of, if not the, scariest times in my life. Our family was staying on the terrace level {that had a door to the outside}. There was a bedroom down there with a double bed, bunk beds, and it's own living area. Teagan slept in the bottom bunk in the same room as us and we had Reynolds in a pack n' play in the closet. Around 2:30am, Patrick woke me up asking me if I had opened our bedroom door. {And if you've ever heard any of Patrick's sleeping stories, you'll understand that I just thought he was waking up in one of his panics/dreams--I can make a whole post about his funny sleeping stories.} When I told him I hadn't, he went to check the bottom bunk to see if Teagan was still in bed. Now at this point I'm thinking, you better not be waking up our sleeping child for one of your panicked dreams! But then I could tell by his reaction she wasn't there. And full on panic set it. I grabbed my phone, flipped on the flashlight, and started to search. She wasn't in our living room so I headed up the stairs--I was prepared to go in to my parents room to start yelling that we were missing Teagan and they needed to wake up and help us look.  When I got in my parents room, I spotted familiar pink pjs. Heart beating out of my chest, I woke my mom asking "WHAT is Teagan doing in bed with you?!?!?!?!" To which she replied, "I have no idea, your dad told me I had a visitor at 1:30." 
1:30?!?!  1:30?!?!?!? Our child had left our room an HOUR ago and we hadn't noticed?!? She told me not to wake her and to just let her stay there. So I went back downstairs, told Patrick she was safe, and then we both sat in bed wide awake. My heart was racing, I couldn't stop my mind from going all the places I didn't want it to go and Patrick said that he needed meds. We both were afraid that she would do it again--so I went back upstairs and got my baby girl. And then we broke a big rule in our house...we let Teagan sleep in the middle of us in that small double bed. We didn't get the best of sleep, but we knew it was the only way were were going to get any sleep to know that she was safe between us.
Turns out, she was looking for us. Last she remembered we were heading back upstairs to hang out when we put her to bed. She forgot we were sleeping in the same room as her. So she headed up the stairs in her stealth like way and my dad saw her when he was getting up to go to the bathroom. He knew we would be freaking out, but he was afraid of waking up Reynolds too so he just put her in bed with my mom. 
...extra tired the next morning...
So on night #2, we set up a "trap." Ha, not actually a trap but we leaned an oar against the door so that we would hear a loud bang if she tried it again. Which she did. And the second night Patrick crawled in that little bunk bed with her and finished up the night there. Oh, and I also slid a huge couch in front of the exterior door. Which I realize is a bit ridiculous, but I just had to do it. 

Whew, and on a happier note---out on "adventures" to see waterfalls! 
Eating an icicle! 
Uncle Daniel and Reynolds twinning. 
We had such a fun time...only wish we could have stayed longer! 

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  1. You're lookin good with that gun! Ha! And did I ever tell you I grew up going to the shooting range with my dad? So not weird here. Or very weird depending on how you look at it. And oh my word T looks like a Hollywood star going out for a morning jog in those pics! I hope I can be as cool as her one day.