Tuesday, January 14, 2014

18 months!

Our sweet Teagan Leigh, the past 18 months have been full of excitement. While each new stage brings its own set of challenges, they each continue to get more and more exciting. seriously. You are talking so much now! Some of your words are not the clearest, but you know exactly what you are saying and work hard to let us know too. And when we guess it, you will tell us YETHS!! Oh my goodness, that continues to be one of my favorite words. You've now started to also say, yeaaahhh (said with such expression) instead of yeths (said with such certainty). Both are pretty stinkin' cute if you ask me.
Here you are with your ABC blocks telling us what A is for...

You can follow directions so well that it amazes us sometimes how much you understand {emphasis can...more about that later}. 

Your go-to conversation starter when you meet someone new is your shoes. You'll say shoes! as you point, over and over until they have ooohed and ahhed over them. You then point to everyone else in the room that also has on shoes. Sometimes you change it up a bit by saying boots!! Oh, it is pretty funny and you are pretty persistent on the conversation going there. 

You love to label things around the room and let us know when certain objects belong to someone. I was emptying the dishwasher the other day and each time I pulled out a coffee cup you'd say Mama, plastic Master's cup Dada!, Tervis cups Mama!. Ha, I was a little amazed at how much you realized we always drink out of the same cups.  You do this with cups, phones, and honestly just about anything else that belongs to us. And will continue to tell us until we acknowledge that we've heard you. 

You still totally love Mickey and instead of just calling them both Mouf they have also both become Mimmie. Your friend EllaKate was asked today Who does the hot dog dance? thinking that she'd respond with one of the characters from the show. Nope. Her response...Teagan!  You do love that hot dog dance.

You love music and will often ask me to play some for you. Your mood instantly changes. Oh, the power of that Raffi CD in the car. Some of the best $10 I've ever spent. You're little singing voice is pretty sweet too. Here you are singing and playing a little song on your guitar, wearing a tutu (that you LOVE! and will demand to wear it if you spot it.)

Our current challenge: disciplining. And I'm sure if we asked other parents, we'd hear that this challenge is here to stay for a while. It's a learning process...for all of us. Our normal go-to after correcting your behavior and you still don't listen is time out. But recently that hasn't been working. {i.e. you just get up from time out, are happy while in time out, respond yeths! that you want time out, or put yourself in time out once you're out.} So the other day I popped your hand after you were tearing something up and wouldn't quit after I corrected you. I turned to only see you popping your own hand twice after that. Guess that didn't work...and I had to try hard not to laugh too. And probably not the best decision on my part to begin with...but it is like trial and error with you sweet one. Stern voice, quiet voice...doesn't matter. You are certainly expressing your independence. Most of the time it is because you either aren't listening to us or occasionally because you've hit me. {Luckily that has not happened at Mrs. Stacey's again...I seem to be your favorite victim.} Most the time the second after you hit me you realize your misbehavior because you then give me a flirty look and put your head on my shoulder like oops Mom, I still love you. You know how to work your charm too. Another time after not listening to me asking you to come into the kitchen for dinner, I came and took your hand to bring you into the kitchen. I wasn't even really that upset, but the whole way into the kitchen you were blowing me kisses and saying I! {what you say for I love you-with your hand to your heart}. Blow kiss, I, blow kiss, I, blow kiss, I...the entire way into the kitchen. Charmer. Because of course how could I not smile at that. 
Here you are putting yourself in time out after I let you out. 
My favorite new trick of yours is when you jump. Oh my awkwardness. and cuteness. Good grief, I could watch that all day long. Here you are jumping with Caroline...

...and some more fun with Caroline on New Years. You two thought Ring Around the Rosies was hilarious. 
We also took you to the park the other day. It is crazy the difference between what you are able to do since the last time you were there. It was like you were a pro and going around the little course that would lead you to the slide. You had the best time! 

You've also become so interested in your baby dolls. It is so sweet. You will rock them, feed them a bottle, change their diaper, and even brush their teeth. 

...and for some other sweet moments this month
Shoping at the Forum with mom :) 
You loved the giant Christmas tree! You wouldn't stop spinning and 'dancing'. 
Mrs. Stacey had a week of fun activities before break! I think this one is a Christmas outfit day and you made cookies. ...maybe?! 
Somehow the DVD player was accidentally left in the car for you to see. So you demanded asked if you could watch the Grinch with Santa. Oh my goodness. You love that movie. And the Jim Carey one too...not the cartoon one. I tried. Mom of the year award for your first movie including Jim Carey. 
We had a wedding one weekend and you stayed with Papa Jack and Marmy (my aunt and uncle). 
We transitioned you to one nap, so some afternoons home from Mrs. Stacey's look like this. This from the girl that RARELY fell asleep in the car.  
...and again. 
PJ day at Mrs. Stacey's wore you out. 
You love painting and all the Christmas crafts we did. Here is one of my faves. 

Oh you know, just reading the Bible with your sweet cousin. I melt.

Playing in the basement with Caroline at Papa G's. 

Hanging out on New Years at Grammy Pam and Papa G's. We love this tradition every year...and Papa G's delicious cooking. Nothing better. 

We love you to pieces Teagan Leigh. Life is so much fun with you! 

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  1. hahaha- these stories cracked me up! I can totally see her blowing kisses and saying "I" as you made the walk to the kitchen! Oh she is a smart one. :) What a little LOVE! Love your honesty too on the trial and error of disciplining and how you can laugh at yourself when your trials don't go the way you were thinking. I cracked up at the picture of her putting herself in timeout (which I'm thinking is really not a bad thing! maybe she realized she hadn't thought through her actions long enough?!! ;) ) and imagining her swatting her hand after you did. Oh T. Seriously- what a little love.

    I get to see you TODAY!!! :)