Saturday, January 26, 2013

girls weekend!

Last weekend was girls weekend! It started off with two of my college roommates coming over to make a yummy pizza, watch a terrible movie (that we then traded to watch Grey's Anatomy), and just have some quality bonding time. We missed you Mea!

The next morning my sisters came in town along with my niece Caroline. We had some good times shopping and letting the girls play together. We just didn't get a lot of pictures to capture our weekend...but it was a fun one. Here are what pictures we did get of the 2 girls together.

post-bath play time in their pjs
 Storytime with Aunt Laudie...please check out Teagan's crossed ankles. love.
must've been a good part of the book...makes my momma (and teacher) heart proud. :) 
she's looking so grown up!
 matching outfits of course. 
Teagan loves her new music table that we got with Christmas money from her Great Granny...and so does Caroline. Look at that sweetie standing up like a big girl!  
Caroline keeping T company before we headed out for breakfast at the Flying Biscuit. 
Patrick getting some snuggles with Caroline. :) 

LOVE long holiday weekends that I get to spend with my friends and family. Maybe every weekend should be a 3 day one. Yes? :)

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