Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Merry Christmas!

I like Christmas...a lot. So adding the sweetness of a 5 1/2 month old to this one made it even better. We loved having extended time off of work to spend time as our own little family and traveling to see both of our families. Teagan was a trooper with all the shuffling we had to do between Christmas Eve service, my family Christmas, and then driving to Columbia that night so we could be at the McGuire's Christmas morning. I was a little nervous when she was refusing to sleep at first, but she proved to be the champ that she is and ended up doing great. She was a little extra smiley as soon as she woke up, so she must have known that it was Christmas.

And now for the picture overload to help sum up our holiday...

making Christmas cookies! 

 ...this might seem like a random picture, but this was right after she ROLLED OVER! That's right people, we may be a little later than other babes, but it happened before 6 months. Yipee! More about this to come later in her 6 month post. 

playing with Nana

completely melts me anytime she falls asleep in my arms.

crazy cousins wearing coordinating hats. of course. 


 ...our attempt at getting Cayden in a picture with the girls. He might be what we call...'determined'. :)

...umm T, we're going to need to talk. 

T offering Caroline one of her fingers. sweet cousins. 

We all bundled up and headed to Lights of the South for a hayride, hot chocolate, and some good ole fashion family fun. 

can you tell who was sipping on some hot chocolate??

Patrick videotaping our family picture on the hayride. that makes sense. :)

I think they like each other. 

the girls in Cinderella's carriage 
more presents! 

she likes when she sees those letters.  

 She loves her Laugh and Learn puppy! 

The McGuires have made it a tradition to go to Christmas Eve service with my family and our little family party after. Love being able to have both of our families together. 

my Uncle Jack/"Papa Jack"

because it's funny and i can. :)


She's just ready to go to bed so Santa can come. 

 2 of Patrick's favorite cards and coupons. Happy boy. 

I think the award for best reaction to a present goes to Cayden. He tried to be polite and give Nana and Papa hugs and thanks, but he couldn't get back to his presnt fast enough! 

carrying Jake and the Neverland Pirates in his giant gift bag

Christmas morning!!! Love, love, love. 

T giving me a hug...sweetest thing. 

wishing she could have some of her Pappy's pancakes but settling for bananas instead. :)

I'm not sure if I've mentioned it or not, but 

checkin out the belly

Teagan loves her Uncle Joe

 more presents for T! 

Mammy helping Teagan pout...we had to take a little break from opening presents for a bottle. 

one of her newest tricks

getting a little brave

I think we might need some lessons on how to be a lady. 

Back at home for more presents 

totally unimpressed with the bath toys.  

...and this is how we feel about our Christmas and break being over. 

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  1. um i LOVE this!!! She is beautiful! Her eyes!!! Miss yall so much!