Saturday, November 24, 2012

happy thanksgiving!

Pretty sure it goes without saying, but having this week off of work to just spend time with my family has been the best ever. I have thoroughly enjoyed being able to spend an entire week with Patrick and Teagan and getting to spend quality time visiting both of our families. We have so much to be thankful for and our continuing prayer has been that we not take any of it for granted.

Teagan had a lot of firsts over the are some pictures that sum up those firsts and our Thanksgiving break.


first night sleeping without being swaddled...sweet girl was a champ and acted like there was no difference. She also found her thumb, and we now officially have a thumb sucker. 

first time having veggies...sweet potatoes! 

this girl loves if you couldn't already tell by the double chin, bubbly cheeks, and rolls. :) 

first time riding in the stroller like a big girl 

first time in the jumpy seat

first pigtails. oh my. 

first ride on a doggy?! 

first time eating dinner at the table with us...she talked the entire time. 

Thanksgiving highlights

packed tightly in the back of her dad's truck with luggage all around

hangout time with Uncle Joe 

Mammy and Pappy

sweet Caroline in front of Nana's tree

 Mema's clan...we were only missing my cousin Mandy who had to work last minute in NYC. Maybe someone good with photoshop can add her in the picture. :) 

seesters & cousins 

 my two loves 

sweet Caroline

and little miss Teagan 

my family with both grandmas

sweet Beaufort family

those eyes just melt me

my two loves :)

my sweet girl

Grammy Pammy giving Teagan her bottle 

Aunt Janine

 kisses from her Aunt Kristen

 ...and her Aunt Rinsley. This girl gets lots of kisses. 

the girls checking each other out 


a walk by the river when we got back to Atlanta

and a little relaxing at home :) 


  1. So many great photos! I loved seeing all of the firsts! Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. The thumb sucking pic is too sweet!! She is such a good baby!!