Wednesday, December 12, 2012

happy 5 months!

Sweet T, each time I sit down to reflect on the last month I have the same thoughts...that time is moving by too quickly, that you continue to get sweeter and sweeter, and that we love you more with each day. You are quite the content little girl-happy to be sitting, laying on your back, or playing with your toys. You don't seem to have a fear of strangers yet and are okay with other people holding you. You do however reserve your smiles for special people or when something is actually funny. We joke that you like to give the "you're crazy" look most of the time. And I guess we probably are when we are singing, dancing, and talking in silly voices for you. You have given us a few hardy laughs and we absolutely love the sound of it and can't wait for more. You've also learned to sit on your own! ...still not rolling over, but you do like sitting. And you're getting a little better at it each day... but for now, I don't go too far away when you're sitting for fear that you'll fall and hurt yourself. You seem to love shiny things and if all else fails to get you to look at the camera, my watch normally works. For a little while you had this little trick of gurgling, and if we'd gurgle back at you, you'd gurgle again in response. It was so fun, like we were communicating in a secret language. But for some reason, like many other tricks that you've learned, you do it a lot at first and then put it to rest for a little while. Your new obsession is your feet. They are your favorite toy, and you've even managed to get those little piggies to your mouth. Speaking of other toys, you've started to notice them more and more and have learned how to play with "Waud L. Duck" by pulling on him as he vibrates back up and you do it again. He frustrated you to no end at first when you were figuring it out, but then you got the hang of it and seem to really enjoy him.

You are a growing girl! You're now in size 3 diapers and the 3-6 month clothes are nearing their end. I even cried the other day leaving Carter's because they didn't have another one of my favorite pair of your pjs in the next size up. I even searched Amazon and eBay. true story. maybe not my finest moment... You've also just gone down to eating 4 times within the last couple of weeks. You get rice cereal and fruit in the morning with your milk and veggies and fruit in the evening with your "dinner" milk. You've tried sweet potatoes, carrots, pears, and bananas. You seem to like them all, however I'm thinking you might like the bananas best. You're out of your swaddle and sleeping so good for us. We have to wake you up on weekdays when it's time for us to go to work, but on the weekend you'll often sleep from 8pm-8am...sometimes even a bit later. You also do this adorable thing where you 'hum' yourself to sleep. It is absolutely precious.

Five Month Firsts & Fun

Happy First Thanksgiving! 

Sitting up! 

First time playing with the Christmas fun! 

Your gift from Mammy and Pappy came love sitting in your Anywhere Chair! Thank you Mammy and Pappy! 

You mean to tell me this little red nose is supposed to guide Santa's sleigh in the middle of the night?

 not screaming...that's progress. :) 

Your Auntie Rins came in to babysit you when mommy and daddy had a Christmas party to go to. You both put on some festive wear to celebrate too. We love you Auntie Rins. 

We had a really fun time at our party, but it was the first time mommy ever missed your bed time. :( Your Auntie Rins made me promise I wouldn't cry at the party. 

You love your fruits and veggies! 

...and kisses and snuggles from your dad! 

Your new favorite toy! :) 

You've even learned how to get them to your mouth...oh dear! 

trying out a new hairstyle :) 

Playing at Mrs. Stacey's house...she does a very good job at sending your mommy pictures of you during the day! 

5 month photoshoot 

Comparison Pictures

We love you sweet one! And as much as I wish time would slow down, each new month with you continues to bring us greater joy. I'm so happy God chose me to be your mommy. 

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  1. Oh I MISS her!! Can't wait to see you guys Tuesday! What a little love... can't wait to hear that hardy laugh and see her eat her feet!!