Monday, November 12, 2012

happy 4 months!

Sweet T, you have given us 4 of the best months. You have brought us so many more smiles and laughs, and just when we think you can't get any sweeter or more do. We love you so much and are enjoying your fun little personality. You are smiling a ton...although when the camera comes out, you seem to know we want you to smile, and you like to give a real stoic look instead. :) You are happy the majority of the time and give laughs and squeals out of sheer delight. We love it. You like to talk to the girl in the mirror that I'm not sure you've realized yet is yourself. You're still in size 2 diapers and 3-6 month clothes, but your diapers are getting a little snug and you are close to busting out of your footed pjs with your tall self again. You love listening to your dad play his guitar or read you stories. You just sit and stare at him in amazement. Tummy time is getting a little better, but after about 5 minutes you like to express your disapproval. You've rolled over twice, but it's been when we've had a small pillow under you, so gravity was on your side...and if you've rolled over with Mrs. Stacey, she hasn't told us because that might make your mom quit her job. :) You can hold your bottle for short little spurts at a time. You've also tried rice cereal for the first time and seemed to do pretty well with it. You like sitting up in your bumbo and absolutely love standing. And you make your mom and dad the happiest people on the planet. We love you so much!

Fourth Month Firsts & Fun

Happy 1st Halloween!

first shoulder ride with dad

first wedding

first dance with your public at least :) 

more first wedding fun :) 

 first time holding your bottle 

first and only ever midriff time meeting your newest friend Miss Evie :)

rice cereal!

 talks with Mema :) 

cousin time!...Teagan is catching up to you Caroline

and shots :( ..but you were a happy girl again in a few hours.

4 month photoshoot 

 oh, the poses that she puts herself in. 

Comparison Pictures

We love you to the moon and back sweet girl! 

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  1. Can't believe she is getting so big! Love your super creative 4 month updates pic at the beginning! That's genius! :) Miss you guys! With no basketball and tennis, it feels like it's been forever!