Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Family beach trip!

At the end of June, we headed to Hilton Head for our annual beach trip with our families. This was Reynolds' first trip to the beach, and he was a fan! He especially liked eating the sand {ewww!}. Teagan had so much fun practicing her swimming. We love a good family vacation to the beach...just wish it could have lasted longer!

Jumping and throwing sand...so excited to be at the beach!!! 
Missing our little guy who was already asleep in the condo with Mammy & Pappy
The first morning we were there was Father's Day, so we all had breakfast together that morning before heading down to the beach. 
Early morning play time with Pappy
Early on in the trip Reynolds caught a cold and coupled with teething, gave him a fever around 102.5 And it made him so snuggly, but so pitiful. After the second day we even took him to the urgent care to make sure he didn't have an ear infection. He napped on us so much throughout the day for 2 full days before he started to get back to himself. {and I'm slightly obsessed with sleeping, snuggly babes so I snapped just a few pics ;)}
Wake up, eat, immediately nap on mom again. 
and repeat.
Since we were staying with Patrick's parents, they sent us off several nights while the kids were sleeping to get a little date in. So sweet. 
...and speaking of sweet. How sweet is this girl in her new little romper?!? Gooodness.
Early in the week Teagan made a friend at the pool-a 10 year old boy named Jack. He was so sweet to her. They would take turns showing each other tricks in the water. My heart was melting at how sweet this boy was to a little 3 year old when he could have thought playing with someone her age was uncool. In this picture, Teagan spotted him in the ocean and just kept waving at him. He finally came out of the water and asked her if she wanted to play. 
This guy ate so much sand this week. {Umm maybe the reason for the fever and cold that he caught?!? ha}
dipping his apple in sand
Cousin picture...and then a wave came. 
{And just in case you're freaking out, there were 5 adults standing right next to them.}
Dinner at the Crazy Crab. 
This boy napped just about everywhere this week...
Teagan made it her tradition to spend a long day at the beach before heading in for a late nap, and she somehow convinced her dad that the nap needed to be on the couch every day. 
We rented bikes for the week. And it has been quite some time since I rode a bike. I think it might be possible that one can forget how to ride a bike...add the pressure of knowing you have a kid on the back, and my first few rides were a little shaky. ha
I LOVE this picture!!! I feel like you can just tell how much these two love each other. Teagan will mooch off of anyone's food that will allow it, and she knows her Pappy is always a sucker. ;)
Ballet moves on the beach...
Jack playing with Teagan. On one of the last days, he went on a boat ride with his family. They found a lot of shells, and he made her a special little box of ones he thought she would like. It melts my heart to see someone else be so thoughtful and so sweet to one of my kids. Since we've been home she has thought she has spotted him several times. Sweet girl doesn't understand that Ohio is a long ways away. 
Mudslides on the beach! 
{brought to us by our cabana boy...Pappy}
Husband to the rescue when you are holding a sleeping baby, but you really want more mudslide. 
Bike ride on the beach date night 
Finally back to our happy boy! 
And some videos of the fun we had...

Last day on the beach with the whole crew. I wish we didn't have to wait a whole year before we go back! 
Sweet little helper taking the luggage down. 
When the car ride gets too quiet, you know something is up. 
One kid in just a diaper {because of an earlier mishap and then inability to find a clean pair of shorts} and the other still in her princess nightgown at 1 in the afternoon...but after 4.5 hours in the car with moderate whining/crying we decided we needed to stop at the Banana outlet for some retail therapy. #redneckognize 

Already looking forward to our trip back next year! 

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