Friday, June 5, 2015

Week 17-20: The start of summer fun...and a few doctors visits too

Just slightly behind on posting on these weekly updates {like 6 weeks behind}...attempting to get caught up!

Week 17

Day 114: Fun time celebrating Emma's birthday! Little guy snoozed while the big kids played.

Day 115: Happy {day late} birthday to one of our very favorites! Gooooodness do we all love our Pappy!

Day 116: "at the yake" And a first trip on a boat for Reynolds.

Day 117: The weather was perfect for the zoo, and the zoo was perfect for this soul today. {I wasn't sure we'd make it out of the house in between meltdowns. Exactly what both of us needed.}

 Day 118: Taco Tuesday AND Laudie is here! Good day!!

Day 119: Mirror entertainment while Laudie shops and the crash after. 
Day 120: Coffee and Target with J-fed while T got to play with a super sweet friend.

Week 18

Day 121: The last two nights someone has decided to wake up at all hours. But then both mornings this little guy {that normally can't seem to stay still} makes it up to me with the sweetest snuggles and lying as still as can be.
Day 122: St. Ives yard sale day and this girl racked up. Bought a jump house. #thingswedidntknowweneeded
Day 123: Outside fun with dad
Day 124: extra snuggly today
Day 125: back porch livin'
Day 126: Pretty day for a walk, the park, and a picnic...oh and baby kisses {and too close to nap time for the little one hiding behind me}
Day 127: This girl loves the zoo! 
{...and some outside time later}

Week 19

Day 128: Golfing with the family {more like distracting the guys while they golf}

Day 129: learning how to fish using pine cones off the back porch
Day 130: Mothers Day! Getting to be their mama {alongside their daddy} is my greatest joy! 
sweet morning with my new super cheesy mug that I LOVE! 
Day 131: This girl's excitement over the little things makes my heart burst!

Day 132: This little guy needed help with both of his naps today. Snuggling and singing some Matt Redman did the trick both times. Thankful that my days allow me to do this! 
Day 133, part 1: my sweet, funny & brave girl today. 
{Teagan has been having some dizzy spells over the last year. I finally made an appointment to see our doctor-after googling childhood dizziness and seeing some of my worst nightmares listed. She had her blood pressure taken like a big girl, had blood drawn at the hospital, and we got referred to a neurologist. It was a tough day, but this girl was a champ!} 
Day 133, part 2: Thankful for short road trips to see family & evenings at the pool. A perfect way to end this day. 
Day 134: Traditional welcome home cookies for dad after he goes out of town.

Week 20

Day 135: redneck front yard fun to practice for the beach

Day 136: Climbed one stair and scheming his next move. He's a nonstop adventure, and I love it! 
Day 137: my little sous chef
Day 138: Thankful for a good consultation today with the neurologist, this man that stands by me and helps keep me calm, and that God is a giver of peace. 
Day 139: Summer splashin' at the park! 
Day 140: Flash forward to 13 years from now {when Heather is living on a farm?? and Teagan is taking the boys out}
Day 141: A really fun first trip the aquarium for T & R! 
Waiting for the dolphin show
This is the face she made almost the entire show. I think my heart burst a 1000 times. 
"I see DORY!!!!"

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