Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Family Beach Trip!

Each year in late June, both of our families head to Hilton Head. This is the trip that our parents met on when we were dating, and we've made it a tradition ever since. It's so nice to not have to choose or alternate between family vacations each year. We all go as one big happy {and crazy} family. This year was so much better than last year-which was filled with an unhappy girl and 2 trips to the urgent care. Teagan absolutely loved the beach and the pool...and she loved having her cousins to play with AND all the food that was constantly around. With 9 adults and 3 kids, someone was bound to be eating something at any moment on the beach-and Teagan wanted to make sure she was a part of each one. She stretched well past her normal nap times to fit in as much fun in the sun...and this mama got to enjoy some relaxation on the beach while she napped and her daddy watched Wimbledon. It was seriously a wonderful week...and actually felt like a vacation!  And now for the pictures...
taking a selfie on the way to the beach 
Oh my word. This little girl has my heart. I randomly did her hair in braided pigtails and someone told her she looked like a princess. And that was it...braided pigtails were request every.single.day. after that. 
Dinner out at the Salty Dog-matching, of course. 
Harbor Town playground and dinner at the Crazy Crab
sharing her lip gloss with Pappy
When the spoon just isn't getting all of the yogurt out. 
Teagan changed so much from the start to finish of our week here. It is a little scary how much she loves the water now. 
The last night, we all stayed out much later than {Teagan's} bedtime and had a blast in the pool after spending the whole day on the beach. 
Pappy with the {purposeful} photobomb. 

Already counting down the days until next year!

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  1. Oh my T's hat and bathing suits and pose with her piggies!! She is the CUTEST!!!