Tuesday, July 15, 2014

A Pink Princess Party

Saturday was Teagan's birthday, and we were able to celebrate with some family and friends. As her birthday was approaching, we would ask her what she wanted at her party--and the answer to every question: cake. So, I decided to do a little dessert party for her. And since her favorite color is pink, everything was either strawberry flavored or tinted with pink. Friday afternoon my sister and I were preparing some of the food when Teagan came down from her nap and started shouting "Pink! Pink! Pink!" She's also slightly obsessed with princesses, so we had all the little girls wearing tiaras too. She loved every bit of her party and got so excited to see all of her friends and family arriving! This mama used to be a pink-hater, but it made me so happy to buy and decorate everything with the color to see that excitement on her face! Here are some pictures from her actual birthday...I'll get to the official 2 year post soon!
When she woke up, we came in and threw balloons up in the air--they were also scattered all over the floor. It took her a while before she even realized there were presents. {She was sleeping in our closet because we had family in town and both rooms were taken. And please excuse the Clemson blanket in the background...I mean I love my Clemson Tigers, but this is not my idea of decorations for our closet--just a way to keep the room dark so our little love could sleep in.}
Her response when you say, "Give me that smile!"  
This girl loves chalk...and drawing circles. 
Being shy and giving sweet snuggles. 
Starting off a birthday right...I think it is safe to say that this girl shares her mama's love for Flying Biscuit.   
Lip gloss for Pappy while we wait on our food. 
When her dad went to pick up the balloons he spotted this and couldn't resist. And she loved it! 
Showing me all the pink food! 
"ZeeZee" and EllaKate 
Her friend Evie gave her a framed picture, and she immediately tried to swipe it (like a touch screen) to see the next picture. When another one didn't show up, she looked up confused and told me it didn't work. Ohhhh man. 
Teagan's "twin"- sweet Ev
Madame Alexander doll from her Gigi and Papa G
saying "tank tu" to everyone
Waiting on her take. 

Cousin Caroline

Teagan loves her neighbor Neil (or Meil as she calls him) 
...and sweet Ankita. We're not going to know what to do if either of us ever moves. 
The amazing Mrs. Stacey and "Zee Zee"
Little buddy Finn 
...and not that it fits in with the party pictures really, but we had to get one last baby belly pic before baby Nelsen arrives.  Teagan told us that we "matched" since we both had a baby in our bellies. 
I told myself at one point during the party to make sure that I got a picture of Teagan with all her family that came in town...and whattaya know, I forgot. I think I only have glimpses of them in the background of other pictures. Ugh, have to get better at that. So, pictured or not, we were so thankful to everyone that helped celebrate our little girl. She is one loved little princess and we are blessed to have such wonderful friends and family to share her life with. 

Happy birthday our sweet Teagan Leigh! 

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  1. Ahhh the scrunched nose pink balloon pic is my FAVE! And love our "matching" pic too ;) although yours is WAY smaller than mine my dear! T girl just wanted to make her aunt Hea feel good I think ;)