Thursday, October 17, 2013

15 months!

Oh my. Trying to think back on this last month and everything is running together. One thing I'm certain of is that you are a fun, sweet girl that brings so much joy to our lives. Oh my goodness, we're totally in love with you. You personality continues to grow, and you are learning so much!

You can point to your ears, eyes, head, toes, mouth, nose, and knees. You're trying to communicate with us more. Some of your new words (still your own version...but we understand you) that you've added to your vocabulary are: bite, all done, more, Ty Ty (Tyler-Mrs. Stacey's oldest son...major crush), diaper, sticker, gentle and yes. 

I was trying to teach you the other day that you are 1 year old. However, it was right after I was counting with you. So now when I say "Teagan, are you 1?!?", you'll hold up one finger and say what sounds like two. And sometimes you have your pointer finger up on both technically you're right I guess. ;)

You fake sneeze, fake laugh, and sometimes I swear you fake cry. ;)

You love to mimic us. I was trying to get you to make a pouty face in the mirror with me. The concentration could be seen all over your face. It was precious...but probably even more cute was your version of the pouty face-which was just puckered lips for a kiss. So stinkin sweet. I'll try to get you do that as much as I can. You like to give hugs and kisses...and we love to be on the receiving end. Pup Pup and Minnie Mouse might get just as many as more than we do. You love to share your snacks and drinks with your stuffed animals too. So sweet.

You've also started to get a little naughty side. :) Sometimes when you don't like what I'm asking you to do, you'll swat at me. Not okay sweet girl. The other day I was having a serious conversation with you about not hitting me. You thought it (my correcting you) was hilarious. And another time in the same type of conversation, you stared down at your hands while playing with your fingers. {How in the world do you know that behavior yet? It amazes me the things that babies/toddlers can do that are not learned. I definitely had a flash forward to some conversations with the older you.} Very hard to parent in that situation...and hard not to laugh too. Hard lessons being learned. Praying we're doing a good job of teaching them to you too. So with that, it isn't always sweet around the house...but it is most of the time. ;)

You are OBSESSED with Mickey Mouse. Oh my cuteness. This came out of the blue and was love at first sight for you. You squeal and dance with excitement when Mickey Mouse Clubhouse comes on. You can spot Mickey from across the aisle when we are shopping (we're talking small sticker chart in the midst of a busy aisle). You totally squeal with excitement when you see Mickey or Minnie. And with that, we have your Halloween costume decided. Oh, and you think his name is Mickey MOUTH. So whenever you want to see him, you point to your mouth and say MOU, MOU MOU!!! .

All 4 canines seem to have broken as well as the last of your one year molars. That makes 5 teeth cutting that the same time. You sure do love to get them all done at once.

Sweet girl, seems that you may have allergies. You developed another cough about 2 months ago. Called the doctor about it but with no fever or any other symptoms they said not to worry. After 6 weeks of a cough though we went in to the doctor. She recommended we try Children's Zyrtec as it might be allergies. That seemed to clear your cough right up. And now that I think about it, you had this same cough in the Spring too. Sorry sweet girl, allergies aren't fun.

15 month fun 

sweet story time with dad

 the start of the Mickey Mouse obsession.

We took a trip to Greenville!

2 things are sure to make you and dirt.

 reading to me


 sharing your snack

 oh my goodness that smile. It happens every time Mickey comes on.

 first time tire swing fun

Totally wiped after your dad's tennis match in the morning. You slept right through us trying to get you ready for bed, diaper change and all.
 First bowl of cereal with milk. You had to be like your daddy.

 You met your sweet new friend, Finn. You were a little uncertain and not very willing to take a picture. I'm sure you'll be best of friends soon though.

sweetest of snuggles watching Mickey Mouse together.

You love shoes. And you want to wear any that you see, no matter the size.

baby blues :)

tennis lessons from your Pappy

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  1. Sweet girl! Love the pic of her in her PJs holding Minny (I think?) in the upstairs hallway. Precious! Gah, what cutie. Can't wait to see her Friday!

    P.S. Both of these last two posts came through on BOTH of my emails now. Go figure.