Tuesday, September 24, 2013


Last weekend, we took a little family getaway to Greenville, SC. Patrick made us some surprise reservations late in the week. Love surprises like that. And we love Greenville too. Oh, and family. ;)  It was so, so fun. We stayed at the Marriott in downtown Greenville. Greenville has the cutest downtown area, with lots of shopping and restaurants with outdoor seating. Patrick and I both have fun college memories in Greenville. He went to Furman which is located there, and I went to Clemson where Greenville is the closest 'big' city to go to. And the fact that this weekend there was a cool, fall crisp to the air made our time there that much better. Seriously. It was a perfect weekend.

Day 1
On the way there! {Teagan's only 30 minute nap of the day...she was such a champ!} 

Reedy River Park...Teagan didn't understand why we would let her just get fully in the water.

Excited to introduce Teagan to one of my Greenville obsessions favorites 

She was a fan. Please note the double fisting it with the spoons. She is her momma's daughter. 

Daddy-Daughter Greenville cuteness. 

haha...she loves pointing out his eyes.

We ended the night by bringing take-out back to the hotel while we watched football and Teagan crashed from the fun day. 

Day 2
Day 2 started with sweet girl sleeping in until 8:30 and heading off to Tommy's Country Ham House...a Greenville landmark. Not a fancy place, but some good home cookin'. 

We then headed to Furman. It has such a gorgeous campus. 

Daddy-Daughter Bell Tower fun. 

Please note the excitement on her face and the fact that her finger is IN Patrick's ear. Ha, she thinks she's pretty funny.  

love my family. 

Where he lived his senior year. 
So maybe we went to Spill the Beans again the next day, this time with a pretty view of the falls. 
And 6 minutes after we got in the car, this is what happened. {and this does not happen often}. Sweet girl was such a champ, and I think she had just as much fun as we did. 

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  1. Oh my goodness! This post made me so happy! Love the thumb-sucking picture at the end, the finger in the ear AND the eye (HA!), the "I'm so funny" look on her face when she was sitting on Patrick's shoulders, the double-fisting yogurt-eating, and the fact that y'all got takeout and ate it in the hotel so sweet girl could sleep. Perfect weekend is RIGHT! Makes me want to go right now! And maybe bring Tally. Ha!

    P.S. I figured out a solution to the where-the-heck-are-my-email-updates-on-your-blog problem- I just re-signed up with my blog email. So maybe it will actually work this time. :)

    Had so much fun last night!! Why did we not get a single picture?!

    K... I should probably stop before this comment turns into a book. :) ...Hope today went well at church!