Thursday, September 12, 2013

Happy 14 months!

Happy 14 months sweet one! You are somehow even more fun than before. You love mimicking when we tilt our head when we ask you something. You often over exaggerate the tilt of the head when you do it though. Ha. very cute. Or if I sneeze, you like to pretend sneeze too. Makes us laugh every time.

You have learned very well how to play with your "stackers" putting the little rings back on instead of just dumping them off. That is, when you aren't trying to wear them as bracelets. :) You have learned how to use your shape sorter and puzzle...although you haven't quite perfected them...but there are moments of success and you get very excited! We've tried to teach you the "honk!" game that my dad played with us all the time when we were little. Lots of childhood memories with that one. I pretend like I'm asleep and snoring and you come and say "boo!" to wake me up. You like to try it too by laying your head on the pillow and saying quietly "shoo shoo shooo", pretending to snore until we wake you up.  
...and you like this fun new game too. 
You still love your books...especially ones that are flip ups. One of our favorites to hear you read is Where is Baby's Birthday Cake? You help us read by saying "noooooo" when we flip up the flaps on a search for the birthday cake. Ha, although you sometimes think that you're supposed to say "noooo" with any flip book. Still cute if you ask me. :) 
You now know how to make the sounds of an elephant and tiger! (go tigers!) You say lots and lots of words...although most of them are your version of it. We know what you're saying but others may not. You  can say mama, dada, Teagan, Stacey, Nana, Papa, hi, bye bye, this, blueberries, bellybutton, ball, baby, water, poopoo (yep, you even pointed to your diaper the other day and started heading up the stairs), boo boo (thanks to your first scraped knee), more (while signing it too) and no (your new favorite). You just love to blow people kisses when you say bye to them too. And we've just taught you our own version of "love you" for sign language which you do. You place your hand on your heart and you say "Ahh!". I didn't teach you the "ahh", you added that yourself. :) 

You have finally turned a corner with milk! And you'll even ask for it now! Still probably not drinking the full amount that they suggest but it's certainly more than before. 

When {trying to} feed yourself with a spoon isn't fast enough...

Your bottom left molar finally broke (Aug 19th) and I think you might be working on the right one now. 

....and BIG NEWS we officially have a walker!!! You started taking your first steps right before you turned 13 months. Everyone told us "once they take their first step, they'll be running!" Not you. It took you almost a month to really get the hang of it (Sept 5th). And you still aren't running yet...but that's okay with us. You've also learned how to stand up from a squat on your own (Sept 3rd). 

Pictures of the fun 

meal time messiness 
your morning or post nap hair never gets old :)
another Food Truck Thursday!  
The start of Daddy Daughter Weekend!  
FaceTime made it a little easier leaving you. 
Daddy Daughter weekend wouldn't be the same without a Chick-fil-A date 
Daddy did a good job of getting you ready and out of the door for church :) 
Visits with Grammy Pam and Papa G and Annie (who enjoyed you sharing your Joe's O's) 
You love your accessories. 
Sharing your food with pup pup 
swinging with Papa and Caroline
Watching the first GameDay of the season at Clemson with your cousins...go tigers! 
headed to Mammy and Pappy's and worn out from the fun with your cousins (sleeping in your car seat is a rarity)
Showing your Great Granny around
everyone competing for Pappy's won! :)  
Labor Day fun on the lake 
sweetest sleepy snuggles.
{even if you peed on me....should have changed that swim diaper before you fell asleep}
Wakie, wakie! 
this used to be my water bottle...but it has become a favorite of yours 
Ready for football season!  
getting Dad's paper for him 
someone is eating my ice dream. ;)
last day at the pool before it closed
first tennis match of the season. We love tennis Saturdays. 
first scraped knee...many more to come I'm sure. 
Target fun with momma. 
You're good at giving hints. You drag the box of animal crackers out of the pantry to where we are. You know what you want. 
It has been a fun month with you T Leigh, and we know there is only more fun ahead. We couldn't be happier that we get to be your parents. We love you to the moon and back sweet one!

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