Saturday, July 20, 2013

Happy 12 months!

Is this real life? Do we really have a one year old? Sweet girl, you have made this last year the best year ever. seriously. ever. Your dad and I couldn't be happier to be your parents. It has at times been very exhausting as we learn what parenting is all about...but even more it has been so, so rewarding. We love you to pieces my sweet one.

This past month has been a quick one. Your personality has continued to develop. You are working so hard to try and communicate with us more. And you know definitely what you want. So when we can't figure it out (or can't get it to you immediately), it can cause some great frustration. And you let us know. :) ...but you've also continued to show us more and more of your big laughs, sweet giggles, and delightful smiles when you're happy. Oh my goodness, do you melt our hearts with each one of those!

You've gotten really good at your sign language. You have please, more, night night, and all done mastered! You also know how to sign milk, and often sign it when you hear the word. Problem're never asking for it. :/ It has been quite the struggle getting you to drink milk....What?! I know, the girl that never had any issue eating refuses milk.

We had been trying to transition you to a straw cup for your 2 middle of the day feedings (still nursing morning & night). You had a really successful day with your cup, so we were trying to not look back. ...but then came your second ear infection (at 11 1/2 months). You didn't want to drink anything! We even tried putting milk back in the bottle but you were not having it! Threw that bottle right down. We figured no sense in fighting something we'd soon have to quit anyway. You also started to refuse nursing at night. Made you totally angry (I think it hurt your ears too much). And so you transitioned yourself out of that as well. It didn't hit me until we were back home from vacation in your nursery and I looked at the rocker in your room and thought of the many sweet nights before bed time. Might have just cried again now thinking about it. ...and then on your first birthday, you refused to nurse in the morning. Maybe you knew it was supposed to be over?! And so began the fight to get you to drink milk-even after the ear infection was all gone. We've moved to whole milk, tried formula again, and you just really prefer water. The doctor told us to try chocolate syrup to get you to drink it...what!? permission from the doctor for chocolate syrup. sign me up. Not you. You drink it a little better, but still not great. So we try to sneak milk into anything we can. Because of that we're still giving you rice cereal, and you LOVE whole milk yogurt. Trying to get in as much full fat dairy for that brain development. :) (I realize that is a lot about milk...but it has probably been what we've dealt with most in the last month.)

Foods you love: BLUEBERRIES (oh my word...we have to go to Costco to get you the huge container and that still only lasts us about a week), whole milk yogurt, sweet potatoes (still a fave), animal crackers (looove these!), strawberries, & well, there just isn't much you don't like (except milk).

You aren't walking yet, but we can tell a difference in how you're moving around (with much more ease) maybe it won't be too long. You know how to scoot down off the couch. You just love sitting in big comfy chairs. You also love rocking in your little rocker-and you may think that all chairs are supposed to rock.

You have 6 new teeth this month, totaling 8 teeth! Your 2 bottom teeth came in on June 21st...and then on your birthday, your top 4 teeth all came through! Maybe that explains some of the extra crankiness we were getting from you. Who wouldn't be with 4 teeth breaking through at once?!

You are absolutely obsessed with puppies/"pup pups"(...we have sweet Tally to thank for that obsession) :), lights (love turning them on/off), and outside. You will point to do the door while signing "please" very big...while trying to say your version of "out". You can (when you want to of course) point to outside, the lights, my nose and eyes...and sometimes my mouth. You can say mama, dada, pup pup, byeee,  dis (for this), and what sounds like light, and eye. Mrs. Stacey and Makenzie also said you just said please yesterday (with words..not just signing).

You also just stood on your own yesterday! It was after you were playing with your baby doll stroller, got distracted, and you didn't even realize you were doing it. :)

We'll let the pictures try to fill in everything I've left out.

12 month firsts and fun

eating from your "spill-proof" container
first of many Food Truck Thursdays
swinging with dad at the park after dinner
cheering dad on! 
First Father's Day! 
storytime with nana!
Girls Day! (complete with your first taste of donut and Tally's first walk)
Another yummy food truck Thursday
Rocking your baby. :) 
Beach trip! 
First time in the ocean!
gosh, I love you. 
more time with pup pup 
Puppy Boo, your new favorite book after your newest obsession 
your face when we tell you to say "cheese!"
a rainy 4th of July spent inside with friends 
a new favorite toy
morning! :) 
It was love at first sight when your "pup pup" came in the mail.
Wearing your "pup pup" shirt. I heard you during the day quietly saying, "pup pup pup pup pup" and looked over and you were looking down pointing to your shirt. :) 
Trying to make friends with the vacuum. You two have a crazy relationship-you hate it, yet you are so curious and talk to it a ton when you see it. 
getting brave. 
your morning hair might be one of my favorite things! 
Food Truck Thursday for your Birthday Eve celebration! 
King of Pops birthday eve treat
little note from your dad by your high chair that he left for you :) 
happy to be 1! 
Birthday girl! 
animal crackers for breakfast?! why's your birthday! 
12:29pm...exactly 1 year later. I might have gotten emotional. 
celebrating being exactly 1! 
mommy was getting a little emotional and you gave me a sweet hug. Slightly bigger baby than when they first put you on my chest a year ago. 
taking the neighbors car for a short spin :) 
Birthday Party time! More about that in a later post.
cupcake time! 
finishing off the birthday weekend with a trip to the Flying're clearly relaxed. 
sitting like a big girl at the doctor's office
shots are NOT fun! 
swinging with pup pup after getting shots

12 month photoshoot

not a fan of laying down in the basket

trusty new photo assistant...sure to make you smile 

Comparison pics

We love you to the moon and back little one! You have made our life so much sweeter, and we wouldn't trade this year with you for anything. We feel so blessed that God chose us to be your Mommy and Daddy. You've shown us a little bit of heaven on earth, and we are so, so thankful. We love you little wee. 

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