Monday, July 15, 2013

family beach trip!

We've been back from the beach for 2 weeks now, but up until now I had been too busy planning a certain someone's 1st birthday party to post about it...which I loved! More about that in a later post. :)

We go to Hilton Head every year with both of our families. we.are.lucky. Love that we get to spend time with both of our families and not have to choose between family vacations...and that our families like each other! It started when Patrick and I were dating. His parents came to the beach for a few days while my family was on vacation--our parents met for the first time, hit it off, and we've done it every year since.

This year it was a little bit more eventful with an 11 1/2 month old. We had 2 trips to Sea Pines Urgent Care while we were there. Teagan started off her first summer vacation with another ear infection, a month after her first ever ear infection. Then, we realized she was having an allergic reaction to the medicine she was on, sending us back to Urgent Care for a second trip. Poor girl was in a lot of pain, especially the first few days..but we still tried to make the most of our time while we were there! She had fun sitting in her oceanside mini-pool or chair and of course getting really, really sandy.

Patrick's parents were so sweet to send us off on several date nights once we had put Teagan down for the night. She's normally asleep by 7, and so for many the night was still young. We had a couple of moments of looking down at our watch and thinking, "Are we really still out at 9:30?!?!" Ha, pitiful. I know. Lots of walks around Coligny Plaza, dinner without the blue-hair specials, game nights at my family's place, and searches for frozen yogurt. Love. :)

Here are the pictures that will help tell more about our trip...
morning snuggles
super, super blurry but oh my goodness-these moments don't happen often. 
Trip #1 to Urgent Care...still smiling. Love this girl! 
Riding in style ;)
Snuggles with Nana who hurt her knee badly and had to stay in for a day or so. Nana will be getting a new knee soon. :/
finding goldfish in the sand
first time in the ocean! 
yummy yogurt goodness from Papa
love these 2 :) 
If one has food, the other one wants some too. They work hard for their rolls. 
Date night! 
handsome hubs
and more morning snuggles with this girl :) 
and morning hair...sometimes a bow just can't do it all.  
Trip #2 to the Urgent Care...little less smiley this time.   
Dinner at our favorite restaurant with our favorite matching girls :) 
A little hot fudge sundae goodness on the trip home. She thought it was supposed to be all for her-and didn't like when anyone else took a bite. There is no hiding food from this one. 

It was an exhausting but fun, fun time with family. Looking forward to next year!

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