Friday, April 12, 2013

happy 9 months!

Our sweet girl, you've now been in our arms as long as you were growing in my tummy. It is crazy how quickly time passes. Along the way we've often wished time could stand still, but with each new stage comes something else really fun.  And you are one sweet and fun little girl. You are officially on the move- crawling, pulling up, and grabbing anything that is not a toy. You of course grab your toys too, but it is funny how you find my makeup bag or the remote just as entertaining. You showed us your beginning signs of crawling and that you could pull up on lower surfaces right when you turned 8 months. Then about 2 weeks later you were getting really good at it. You also added sitting up from your belly to the fun. You've continued your sweet claps but just started clapping when you hear music. Oh my sweetness.

Wouldn't you know, you said "mama" during your Dad's birthday week and then you said "dada" on my birthday. You've got things a little confused my dear. Unfortunately "mama" was here and gone, but your "baba" and "dada" have stayed around. You even stood up in your crib (another first!) reached out your arms and said "dada" to your daddy. He of course got you right out of that crib to give you a snuggle. How could he resist?!?

Your crib has now been lowered to its lowest setting after we heard the monitor fall (it has also been mounted to the wall now), ran into your nursery, and saw you smiling proudly at the fact that you had pulled up. Bedtime was pushed back a little more that night after we took you out of your crib and let you play on the floor as your dad and I got the tools out to lower your crib. oh my. You might think your crib is a play-pen too...not that we've ever encouraged that idea. It has always been for sleeping, but as soon as we lay you down you roll all over the place. Remember the little girl that used to hate being on her tummy...yeah, you even sleep on your stomach some now. We still put you down on your back, but you will sleep in just about any position. In fact, after you learned how to sit up from your tummy you even sleep sitting up (like your greatgrandma Leona) and then fold into what we've called termed "the Hea" after your Aunt Hea who likes to sleep the same way. (video of that fun-ness later)

You've just developed a cough within the last few days. We're not sure if it allergies or a minor cold. The doctor said it is probably not allergies at this age, but it also isn't anything to worry about right now since you haven't run a fever at all...might be just a minor cold that needs to run its course. Not sure which is better-maybe cold because if you already are experiencing allergies we've got a long road ahead of us living in Georgia. 

Well, you've had formula for the first time now. The first brand we tried you absolutely hated. You even threw the bottle and would shudder in disgust. We've tried another brand (Target...don't judge) that seems to be a lot better. You are still getting 4 oz of momma milk and only 2 oz of formula with each bottle. We'll see how long we can do that before we have to scale down some more. Oh my goodness, those things are like magic! You smile this huge squinty grin when we pull those out....and we may use them to get you to smile for pictures. ;) You also like to eat just about anything else that we'll let you try. You're still rocking 3 naps most days. I was all concerned because the "book" says that you should be down to 2, but the doctor says it is perfectly fine. 

9 month firsts and fun

Lunch date with sweet Maggie Rose...first time seeing them in a long time! 

first crawl "steps"
first big kid birthday party...crazy 'Uncle' Bill turned 30
first bathing suit season :) 
first time brushing your little teethies! You look a little unsure in the picture but you actually love it. 
First snow!! Ha, so seconds before this there were huge flakes. We quickly ran outside, but by the time the picture was snapped they weren't showing up. It lasted maybe 10 seconds.  
first Easter
This isn't what you actually wore on Easter...but the bonnet was too hilarious, so we had to snap a picture of it. 
Sweet little story about your Granny that I don't want to forget: We went out for dinner and fro-yo while in Columbia, already pushing it with your bed time. We drove Granny home, and she asked us if we wanted to come in. She wanted to show us how she had put up all the pictures in her den that we've given her. She had also bought you 2 toys so you'd have something to play with when you visit.  We decided that night that bed time could wait just a little longer. Your great Granny loves you a whole lot T. When we left, you waved and said bye bye. :) (after being so stubborn when we tried to get you to do it for other people) It was all such a sweet moment.

T, your sweet content smile melts me. 
First Easter service. You made it through most of it before we were scared you'd be a distraction, then your dad took you in the lobby.  
First taste of formula...YUCK!!!  
having fun at Mrs. Stacey's 
turning the pages in your favorite book-Mr. Brown Can Moo, Can You?
first trip to the beach!
first time playing in the loved it! 
And for some videos of your fun self...
You like to mimic the sounds that we make. Love this little way of communicating with you. 

Our little Leona-falling asleep sitting up :)

9 month photoshoot

love those sweet eyes
so tall! 
Sit still? way! 
googly eyes over Puffs. 
I swear we let you eat food other than Puffs. 
"betcha can't guess how old I am"
"okay, I'll give you a little hint..."

comparison pics

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  1. Oh love!! Taken after her Aunt Hea, huh?! Sweet girl! These pics are precious! She is so pretty!