Wednesday, April 10, 2013

a little reflection and catch-up on life happenings

Life has been crazy busy lately. Working full time to come home to another full-time job of wife/mom (which I LOVE) can be really exhausting. Often times I am asleep on the couch at 8 o'clock soon after we've put T down for the night. I have a lot of guilt over it, but Patrick is wonderful and has been so gracious to my lack of cooking and cleaning. The laundry gets washed but is rarely put away. I love cooking, but I'm not sure you'd consider what I've been doing lately real 'cooking'. Add to that the fact that my milk supply is getting a little low and we've had to start supplementing with a little formula, means total meltdown mode...for me, that is. I called my sister sobbing after leaving Target to buy formula for the first time. I'm trying to learn that a "good mom/wife" is not defined by the type of milk that your baby drinks (even if you buy the Target brand), the laundry that is put away, the fancy Pinterest meals that are cooked, or the last time the house had a deep clean. I'm lucky to have a husband who doesn't complain and instead helps me to see those are not the things that matter most...and a daughter who throws me sweet smiles regardless. Needless to say, I'm looking forward to what is left of spring break and the approaching summer to be able to concentrate on the job that I really love-being a wife and mom.  Here is a little catch-up through pictures on life lately...

my birthday

We spent my birthday at Land of a Thousand Hills with friends and then dinner back at our house. This place is so beautiful, and we had some awesome weather too, which made it even better.
Best birthday dessert ever. P got everyone favorite!
 (He's in the middle of singing happy birthday.) 

Easter Weekend and Cayden & Caroline's birthday

We went home to spend Easter weekend with the families and celebrate Cayden's 4th birthday and Caroline's 1st birthday. We're lucky that our families live close enough that when we go "home" we get to see both sides. :) 
Fake coughing for Granny
swinging with Nana
first convertible ride...that didn't last long because she was NOT a fan of the sun in her face
LOVE this new cheesy grin she gives
they love each other :) 
 Can't have our two girls together without a little photoshoot :) 
someone got too tired :) 
sharing a sweet laugh
Aunt Laudie getting her workout in with her two girls
sweet birthday girl
LOVE! This sweet one starting walking the day before her 1st birthday. 
Birthday boy...whoever got him this did a good job. He didn't take the costume off almost the whole night. 
with her Papa and Pappy
his idea of posing with his toys...not mine!  
oh sweet anticipation
want some?!?
Easter Sunday with our girl
her reaction to standing on the grass...haha! 
near impossible to get all 3 kids looking at the same time
with her great grandma-Mema


  1. Oh my goodness these are GREAT! I love the first one of T and Caroline on the blanket- the look on Teagan's face is precious!! And for the record, you are one AWEsome mama. I will have a lot to learn from you one day! :) Love you, Dre!

  2. So sweet, Andrea!! T is lucky to have such a great momma!! Such a sweet post :)

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