Sunday, May 13, 2012

Little update on life the past month...

The weekend after spring break, we traveled to Lake Oconee with some good friends to celebrate Allen's birthday. Allen and Patrick were fraternity brothers and roommates in college. There are few friends in the world like Allen. If you know him, you know what I mean. :)  We always love going here. We got to soak up some sun and the boys got to ride on the jet ski.

It's not a birthday dinner without a sombrero. 

The Lake Club at Reynold's Plantation

I will have 2 kids come's my first (Patrick) practicing his fancy handstands in the water. 

I have also since finished the dresser. Here's the final product with the new knobs installed and it in the nursery.

The next weekend we went to the Dogwood Festival with some good friends. Unfortunately most of the booths were closing down by the time we got there. So, we walked around, found a place for a good photo op, turned our hubs into photographers, and then soon headed out for dinner.

Patrick's fancy photog skills :) 

 the girls

 the guys

love city skylines...and love this man! 

 Chris and Caitlyn (who are expecting a little one in October...yay!)

The next day, Patrick and I went on a little walk by the Chattahoochee. We find it so amazing that places like this exist in Atlanta. It is so peaceful and removed from the busyness of everything else.

The next weekend we traveled to Columbia for Patrick's cousin's wedding. We stopped through North Augusta on the way to get a little visit with our sweet niece and nephew...oh and the rest of our fam too. :)

trying to get a picture with an uncooperative Cayden...

melt my heart 

my wonderful in-laws 

with Mammy and girl McGuire will be quite lucky to have these 2 ladies as her grandma and great grandma. A first for both of them! 

Scott and Virginia

Patrick dancing with his Granny. I believe after a minute into this she said she'd had enough. If you know Patrick's dance moves, you can understand why. :) 

sweet :) 

I think that sums up life in April. I'm making a promise to myself to not wait so long to post next time.

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