Sunday, April 15, 2012

Spring Break Happenings

My spring break started off with my sweet niece Caroline being born on Thursday night. Patrick and I drove down to Augusta Friday morning to meet her. More about that in my last post.

After that one of my college roommates Heather and I headed to Charleston to hang out with another college roommate, Meagan, and her sweet little one. We had such a great time-exploring Charleston, registering, shopping and simply pretending that we all still live together. It might take us a while to move on from that (or never really). Here are some pics from the few days we were there...

Headed out to register...such sweet friends to do this with me. Patrick and I would have been completely overwhelmed had we tackled it just the 2 of us, so we welcomed Meagan's expertise in the area. :)

We also visited the Charleston had been a long time since I'd been there. 

Sweet little E and her new teeth! 

Heather and I got her an early birthday present since I won't be able to travel this summer when she turns 1. A fancy red swimsuit and some big, stylish sunglasses. 


I then headed back to Augusta to spend a few days with the family. I spent the night with my sister while I was there, giving me more time to spend with my sweet nephew and niece. I got some good time with Caroline, even at 4am and 7am. :)  It really was quality time around the clock. It helped give me a good dose of what we have ahead of us in the months to come. Already looking forward to the next trip home to see them! Here are a few pictures from my time there.

Cayden decided he wanted to get in the crib and play with all of her toys.

1 week old

Having to say goodbye :( 

My sister Kristen and Caroline

Cayden wasn't too interested in sitting for a picture...this was the best I could do to get him in a picture with Caroline. Since then, he's warmed up a little more to the idea of a little sister. :) 

Once I got back to Atlanta, I had a big nursery project awaiting me. I had found a dresser that will be able to function as our changing table, and it was in need of a little loving. I sanded, spackled, sanded some more, primed, and painted. I enjoy these types of projects, but luckily got some help from Patrick (who hates these types of projects) on the sanding...because my, oh, my there was a lot of sanding to be done. Without an electric sander, I'm pretty sure I got a full upper body workout.

When I found it...clearly in need of some lovin'

Getting some help on the sanding...whew! 

Spackled, primed, and ready to paint just have to install the new knobs I got for it and get it up to the nursery

We ended the week with a tennis match on Saturday. Patrick's doubles partner just happens to be one of my best friend's husband...makes it extra fun!

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  1. I love DIY projects on new-to-you furniture. Looking great, Mama! Can't wait to see the nursery progress. :)