Monday, January 16, 2012

Another one bites the dust...

After never thinking that I'd actually start a blog-here I sit. Everyone else is doing it, right? I think my convincing moment was after reading a friend's blog about all the things she and her husband did in 2011. She had her cute little links to all her blog entries for the past year. You can check it out here. I realized that I wanted a place to keep track of our life-so no matter how bad I might be at this, I thought I'd give it a try...and no better time than the present. Although by present I mean for the past several days weeks -as figuring out this whole blog thing has been quite confusing. You'll have to bear with me. 

To start off, here's my attempt at trying to highlight our married life so far...

 We bought a house in March of 2010

We got married in July 2010

Went on a honeymoon to Grand Cayman

Enjoyed our first Christmas being married

Went to Vegas and visited Patrick's brother 

Celebrated our first anniversary with a trip to San Francisco and Nappa

...and realized that I should probably take more pictures of what we do to capture the moments. 


  1. I keep coming back to your announcement stinkin' cute! I love it!!

  2. Thanks! :) I took one of our engagement pics that Court took and created it. I got the font from can get all kinds of free fonts there. I used the site for our save the dates and programs too!