Thursday, September 8, 2016

Happy 2nd birthday!

Happy 2nd birthday Reynolds! You are one FUN little guy, and we love you so much. You have such a sweet and funny personality that is coming out more as you learn how to communicate better. And are talking SO much and we love all the new words and phrases that we hear!

I caught some of it on a little video montage, but it doesn't even come close to show how cute it is when said in context and without prompt. You are this huge guy, but when you get excited you have this high pitch voice that makes us smile/laugh.

Conversation after having a snack:
Actually, put in trash.
Okay, you want me to throw it away?
actually, put in trash
Put it in the trash?
actually, put in trash
You want me to actually put it in the trash?

That one little word was so important to your conversation. And you do this a lot...make us repeat you until we say exactly what you say. 

You are also quite the charmer. Knowing just when to tilt that head to the side and give us a good smile. Like when you are making entirely to much noise at dinner creating a drum set from you bowl and spoon. Or throwing out compliments like this when we put you in your carseat:
Noooo, I do it! (buckling car seat)
Okay, you can give it a try. 
(exaggerated grunting to show us you are trying hard) Help, mom! 
*click of carseat*
Oooh, you so strong! 

But you also told me the other day, No talk to me momma! or No talk to you momma, talk to dad! (I wasn't talking to you, I was talking to dad.) Can you tell you have an older, turned sassy at 4 sister? 

...and she might teach you a little sass but she also teaches you other things like how to spell your last name!

Staying up past bedtime to watch the olympics! 
You love to put your hands in your pockets. 
Visit to the train museum
helping make cookies for Daddy
First time allowing both of you to push your own cart around TJs...I was sweating. 
I have a picture of you just like this a year earlier. Ha, I asked you if you would get a tissue. 
...and I have a picture like this too when you were just a bitty baby {except on flat ground of course}. You've always loved a good plank. 
cutest barista I have ever seen. 
Playdate with Millie and Hattie...and you have become quite the little baby lover. :) 
boatrides and naps on daddy
Here are two attempts to get this sweetness on video. I'm guessing I would say to you How about this one?!? as I scattered kisses on your cheeks, because one day you said it to me while you turned my head with your little hand to plant a kiss on my cheek. And I melted. I attempted several times to catch it on video. 
...and louder :) 

So. There's this. Probably the scariest/most panicked moment of mom life with you so far. You were playing on the indoor playground at Chickfila when you mistepped and hit the edge of the step just right. You started screaming and I ran up to grab you and there was so much blood! And I swore I saw your tooth just barely hanging on. Sweet, sweet people came to help out-bringing us water, napkins, and one dad even got you an ice cream. When you screamed through the entire ice cream cone...the panic really started to set in. Since when could ice cream not calm you down?!?! I was in the zone of trying to get everything in order and get you calm...when we finally got in the car I kind of lost it. My phone was sitting in a bag of rice at home, it was lunch break for our doctor's office, you were screaming, and I just felt helpless. I took you by the doctor's office anyway and I wanted to hug each and every person in there because they were so sweet. A nurse came out to calm your crazy mama, took a look, and suggested we see a doctor. Instead of making us wait, a doctor came out from his lunch break to take a look at you. And by some miracle, that doctor got you laughing at acting like yourself again. You were on a soft food diet for several days...and 2 months later I can say the tooth still seems to be hanging on! whew! 
We took our first trip as a family of 4-just us! 
We celebrated the start of football season! 
Family hike up Stone Mountain! 
Two cutest, strongest guys I know. 
You are a little fish, and you always have been. Here are a few end of summer jumps in the pool and trying to swim to the side. 
You had your first day of school! Be still my heart. 
LAST time as a ONE YEAR OLD at the park! 
And then you turned TWO. 

Being 2 is filled with such wonder, excitement, and adventure. I'm so glad we get the chance to be your parents and watch you grow. We love you so! 

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