Wednesday, August 10, 2016

RPM 21-23 months!

In less than a month we will have a TWO year old! Time has been flying by, but we love the fun that our little guy brings with it! So much has changed in three months, but we're just going to go with the all-in-one post in hopes of still documenting it all so I can look back and cry when he goes off to college. ;) 

So here's a little huge snipit in chronological order to try to remember these months....

The answer to just about every question is, "Emma!" Little besties and I love it! 
Cayden & Caroline {or Tayden and Curraline} came to visit for a weekend
We took Cayden to Legoland for his birthday and you went to the driving range with Dad! 
So long plastic golf clubs. 
Good Neighbor Air Show at PDK 
little brother life
Teagan got something out of the car for me and left the door open. We noticed you disappeared and found you in the car after you raided the secret stash of 8:00am. 
Last day of school for Teagan! 
...and you were happy to be a part of celebrating the start of summer break! 
Food Truck Thursdays! 
We got you your own helmet so you wouldn't have to wear the Frozen one with a tiara...and decided it may be a good idea to just leave it on at all times. 
Picked strawberries for a second time! 
First swim of the season! 
holding hands with your two ladies ;)
Memorial Day weekend at the lake
The tummy bug got us for EIGHT days over here. EIGHT! You somehow managed to not get it, but had a few off days with a fever yourself. 
Mammy came and helped save the day! 
We all feel better! Celebrating with a trip to Costco and a churro! Partyin' hard. 
Then one night you randomly woke up around midnight and would not go back to sleep. We normally let you settle yourself for a minute if this ever happens anymore, but we could tell this one was different. So thinking you may have gotten the stomach bug-even long delayed after ours-we got you out of your bed and brought you into ours. Nothing would calm you down....except for watching golf highlights on Daddy's phone. So for the rest of the entire night (minus the hour you settled back in your crib) you watched golf. And the next morning? You had no idea-other than starting nap an hour earlier, you were as chipper as ever. 
Evening at the pool! 
And suddenly you and Emma looked like little high schoolers. 
Teagan loves to play dress up and rope in anyone she can find to do it with her. ;)
We swam for so long one afternoon that you got all concerned about your raisin fingers and wanted me to wipe them off. :) 
Great ideas...
Riding in Aunt Kristen's jeep in Caroline's carseat using Cayden's were in heaven! 
Suddenly my little boy grew up. Sharing cheese dip and sitting like a big boy at the table. 
Didn't take your sunglasses off for the majority of the meal. 
You love babies and Hea was sweet enough to let you help feed Natalie. :) 
Oh my goodness, do I love you and your kisses and requests to dance with me. :) 
Someone went to the potty!!! {Bottom left: shhhh, listening!} 
We are NOT potty training...not even ready for that ballgame yet, but we let you when you ask! 
I looked away for 15 seconds to rotate dinner on the grill. That smile says you're pretty happy with yourself. 
Ending our playdate with a little Mickey Mouse while the mamas clean up from the storm. ;) 
"I try it! I try it!" I can't even stand it. 
The boys and the girls at Waffle House. 
Trying to beat the July 4th heat with some yummy treats. 
Another little at home hair cut at Salon a Mommy. 
Food Truck Thursday playing on the field. 
First movie!! 
Naked cowboy. 
I love how much we're getting to hang with your cousins recently. Here someone was a little tired from all the fun that 4 kids together brings. :) 
Drinking win!!! 
Zoo playdate! 
Nana and Mammy came to visit for your first night away from me! 
...and you and Teagan loved it and didn't want them to leave! 
Running hands. 
I blinked and I have TWO big kids at the park now! 
Making cookies for Daddy
When things get a little too quiet...
Hard to say no to a movie after nap when it means snuggles like these....
Another road trip to North Augusta while your Dad had to be out of town for work! 
...and it was fun, as always! 
Happy birthday Papa! 
Matching cuties! 
Family hike up Stone Mountain! 
You two wanted your lovies to watch the olympics. 

Oh, it has been a fun time with you. You have really started to repeat things that you hear Teagan saying, like...
"I just kidding, Mommy!"
"I told you, Mommy!"
"Actually, it's mine."
"Why, Mommy?" (Oh yeah, we're there. With a big sister that still asks why 1,000 times a day, I guess it was bound to happen early with you. Ha, even the cashier at Trader Joes noticed it the other day and commented on how early we were in that stage.)
But my very favorite thing that you say is...
"I love you so much, Mommy!" 

..and we love YOU so much Reynolds Patrick!

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