Thursday, January 7, 2016

Merry Christmas!

For a look at all the fun we had leading up to the week of Christmas, check out this post. We did a lot of traveling the week of Christmas trying to split time between both families and work around travel and work schedules. We always wish we could have just a little bit longer with our families but are thankful for the time that we get...and thankful that they live close enough we don't have to alternate each year.
This little sweetness started our trip...
We made a quick stop to see the McGuires and then continued on the road to meet my family for Lights of the South. It's such a fun place. You bundle up, grab a cup of hot chocolate, and then go on a hayride to see Christmas lights! 
Gingerbread House fun! 
Nana and Caroline had a little trouble with theirs...and we got some good laughs at it! 
We made a home video to present my dad's gift to him...and had a lot of fun and laughs doing it! 
That night we celebrated Christmas with my family. 
A Christmas haircut from Uncle Daniel
And back to the lake for time with the McGuires...
These kids LOOOVE their Uncle Joe. 
Then it was back to our house for Christmas Eve! 
And carrying on with a family tradition of mine, the kids got to open up new pjs on Christmas Eve. I'm sure this is a tradition that Reynolds will just loooove growing up. or not. 
Christmas morning! 
Teagan asked Santa for a diamond necklace {ha!} and an ostacle-which I was finally able to translate to mean "a stethoscope... so I can be a real doctor." Well...until CHRISTMAS EVE when Teagan insisted that an ostacle was actually a puzzle and NOT a stethoscope. So we put in a quick word to Santa and asked him to find a puzzle! 
Reynolds is really thrilled about his checkup on Christmas morning. 
They had the best time sitting and relaxing on the couch looking through all the fun things in their stockings and hardly even noticed there were other presents under the tree. 
Taking a break to put together her ostacle. 
1 of the 7,283 checkups we've gotten since Christmas. 
Teagan mentioned wanting us to have matching "mug cups," so Patrick made these for us...and had a lot of fun doing it. And now we get a little laugh each morning that we get to use them together. 
I was making breakfast and this guy snuck into the crackers. 
A somewhat failed self-timer attempt at a family picture in front of the tree. 
Beignets & biscuits and gravy! 
After we got everything cleaned up, we let the kids nap and headed back to the lake for Christmas dinner with both of our parents! 
We gave Pappy his present (the same as my dad) for them to both go to the Porsche driving experience! 
The next morning the kids made Christmas cookies with Mammy. 
...but first, here's a sweet little throwback of the traditional cookie making 2 years ago
I just want to goggle this sweet face up! 
okay...and one more throwback picture because I just want to relive a few of these days with Teagan at this age! sweeeeetness. 
...lookin just a little different this year though with the heat wave. 

Merry Christmas!!! 


  1. Gahhh this post! All the Wharton eyes please. Few things: the hand holding (I die), R's first hot chocolate?!, T's top knot (girl has redic hair), R's Christmas morning checkup and his pure joy over it (hahah!), T's stethoscope turning into a puzzle the night before Christmas (bless that Santa), and the throw back pictures to T making cookies?!! Ahh I want to cry! And then I remember how darn fun and adorable she is as a big girl. :) looooove y'all!!!!!

    1. Whoa Wharton eyes. That would be "heart" eyes. I have no idea.