Saturday, December 20, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving is the start to my very favorite time of year. I love Thanksgiving itself, and I love what it brings with it--the season of Christmas. And we're having Christmas morning at our house on Monday, so I figured I should get this post out before then.  This year we split our day between Columbia and Augusta...and so we were able to spend time with both families and we got 2 Thanksgiving meals!
Mammy normally does bath time when we're in town, but this time we put the guys in charge. I think this might be the first time Pappy has bathed a kid this small in almost 30 years, so of course I had to snap a few pictures. 
{little brother problems}
 Thanksgiving Day...Round 1 with the McGuires! 
Round 2 with the Reynolds crew...
My cousin Ben
Papa Jack {my uncle...but seems like all the men in our family have a Papa name}
Aunt Janine
Ping pong tournaments
 My Aunt Janine pulled out one of Beth's old recital outfits. Teagan was in love. Tutus that are meant for spins and leaps?!?! She's in! Oh, I look forward to her first dance class! 
Caroline snagged Nana's phone and played "Let It Go" on repeat while both girls put on a show of continuous spinning. We were all dizzy from watching them. 
My Aunt Marsha
I somehow didn't get a picture of the kids with Gigi and Papa G {my aunt and uncle}, but they were there too! This was at our house before we left town for Thanksgiving. 
Mr. Mark, one of my dad's best friends

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  1. Pappy's face after the bath and T's face looking down at her tutu!! Oh and Patrick's strike a pose while playing ping long of course. Haha love these pics!! And you look so pretty mama! That pic of you and Reynolds is the sweetest. I'm gonna be missin you next week!!!