Sunday, April 13, 2014

Happy Masters Sunday!

We love Masters week in the McGuire house. It is almost like a holiday for us {and maybe it always coinciding with my spring break has something to do with why there are such happy feelings associated with it}. So, when we have friends ask us to join them for Tuesday practice rounds, we were just slightly excited about it. I had to check again several days later to make sure we hadn't dreamed it. Lucky, lucky us. We had such an awesome time with great friends. Thanks Steph and Dustin for bringing us with you! Here are some pics from our time there. So gorgeous and still a little unreal walking in there knowing I grew up 10 minutes away. We got to see most everyone on my list with the exception of Zach Johnson, and now looking at all the people that didn't make the cut I'm really happy we were there on Tuesday.

Amen Corner

 It might be a little embarrassing how excited I was to see Keegan Bradley...actually scratch that. I'm not embarrassed at all. Right after this we I practically ran to get back to where we had our seats set up on the 18th to see him a little closer. 
This next picture was right before we had a conversation. It went a little like this: 
"Hey Keegan, can I get a picture?!" to which I politely got declined with "I'm headed to hole 1, but how about after?" Ha, we joked the rest of the day he was probably looking for that pregnant married lady when he finished with the front 9. not. Okay, so maybe I'm a little embarrassed now at disclosing all of this information. 
 By our seats on the 18th
I took this one just for you Dustin. Miguel Angel Jimenez! One funny golfer. 
 Phil and Bones! 
 Ricky Fowler! 
 Dustin Johnson 
 Jason Duffner
 Thanks for the picture Phil. 
 Adam Scott
 Oh you know, just Adam Scott smiling right the camera. 
 Freddy Couples
 We barely got to see Bubba. We caught him as he was finishing the 9th before heading in for the day. 
 What a sweet guy...and yay for the win! 
 Had to get a picture of Adam's "belly" putter that is more of a chest putter. 
 Oh what's that? Another smile right at the camera? 

We had the best time! Hope we are lucky enough to be stepping foot on this course again some time in the near future! Goodbye spring break...only 30 school days until summer break now!

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  1. hahah- I'm sure Keegan was bothered for the rest of the day when he couldn't find you! Love that you at least put it out there! ...Better than my T.O. fail at the Hawk's game ;) Love these pics!!