Tuesday, August 13, 2013

a happy 3 years

A little late on posting, but Patrick and I recently celebrated 3 years of marriage. Love him more with each year!

Year 1...San Fran and Napa. Can we go back?!?
Year 2...super tired (and teary) eyes with a 5 day old at home. :) 
Year 3 :) 
Our first mini-celebration was on our anniversary. "Aunt" Steph and "Uncle" Dustin came over to watch Teagan while we went to dinner and a movie. Took us an hour to get to dinner in the rain and rush hour...we missed our reservation and ended up at Jonny Rocket's before going to see the movie we had already paid for. Ha, a somewhat comical anniversary date night.
T loves her Aunt Steph! :)
oh yeahh, Jonny Rockets. super fancy. :) 
The next weekend, my parents came to watch Teagan so we could go on a little trip. It was only the second time that we left Teagan and although we missed her lots, it was so nice to get away just the 2 of us! We had the best time with each other.
We went to the north Georgia wine country and stayed at a bed and breakfast in Dahlonega. I was wondering how we would like north Georgia after being spoiled by Napa 2 years ago. While it couldn't beat the panoramic views of northern California, it still was very nice and tons of fun! ...and only an hours drive from our house!

We first headed to the outlet malls on the way. A true sign of love for Patrick to go shopping with me. Loved it...and he at least pretended to. :)
outlet mall excitement
Our next stop was lunch at Wolf Mountain Vineyards. We loved this place-nice people, beautiful vineyard, and delicious food and wine!
pretending we learned things from our Napa trip and can pick up on the different notes
We then headed to Long Mountain Lodge to check in at the bed and breakfast. We spent some time relaxing and exploring the grounds before heading to dinner. 
sweet little touch...and tasty! 
Wishing he had brought his fishing pole. :)  
dinner at Corkscrew cafe on the square 
Looking forward to the 75+ anniversaries and adventures to come with my love. :) 

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