Saturday, July 21, 2012

Happy one week!

We celebrated one week of life with Teagan on Thursday! I figured the last post had enough pictures of its own that I'd separate this post.

Teagan, at one week old you love to eat-and you eat often. You love sleeping in your Nap Nanny or MamaRoo. You love your sound machine and being swaddled. You love going for walks around the neighborhood to get some fresh air. You do not like getting your diaper changed or us changing your clothes. You also do not seem to like baths very much-although you do like it when we wash your back and your hair. Other than our first night at home with you, I have to wake you up at night to eat. Now that you've gained your birthweight back, we can start letting you sleep as long as you like during the night.

Here are some pictures of you at one week:

My attempt at the laundry basket pictures from Pinterest to document growth in the first year. I just couldn't pick only one yet. :) 

Aunt Hea came to visit and brought a little one week surprise! 

love those eyes

Somehow Nana has spent the most time with Teagan and has the least amount of  pictures with her. So thankful for my mom's help this past week. I think her laundry count at this point is somewhere between 10-15 loads. 

sweetest snuggles

looking like a big girl all propped up in her crib

Happy one week Teagan! 

now trying to eat the pillow
Ted and Laura came to visit

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  1. She is so precious, Andrea! Cant wait to have our little one in a few weeks! Congratulations!! Hope you enjoy every minute :)