Saturday, June 2, 2012

sibling love

Okay, so I wasn't actually present for this moment, but it was too incredibly precious that I wanted to make sure it got documented and never forgotten... :) 

I introduce to you Cayden and Caroline. Cayden is my 3 year old nephew and Caroline is my 2 month old niece. Up until recently, Cayden's coping mechanism for having a new baby sister was to completely ignore her existence. It appears as if things have changed though for the better. 

I got a message last night from my sister Kristen with this picture...

and a text that said that Cayden was playing with Caroline telling her, "This is a rake, this is a broom, this is a stick. We need to get you one! A pink rake, a pink broom, and a pink stick." ...and as if that wasn't sweet enough Kristen heard when she was in the other room Cayden asking Caroline if she'd be his best friend. That is just about too much for me to handle. Where he even got the idea to ask for a best friend, I don't know...but I like that he chose his little sister. sweet.sweet.sweet.